Mitch Brown GF 2014

Just wanted to say congrats to Mitch on his efforts at the doggies and wish him all the best on Sunday. I have not met him but he seems like a good fella and always gave 100% for the Tigers.

Pity he chose the Dogs

I’m backing Tuqiri in this one

So our wingers from our last ‘happy’ years of 2010/11 have finally made it to a Grand Final, albeit on opposing sides. I wish them both the best of luck. I only wish that Lote could’ve recovered and played as well as he has been here for us instead of with Souths, but them’s the breaks. Even through all his crap form in 2012, I still believed that he wasn’t yet finished as an NRL player.

Lote must be pinching himself , he would of never thought he would go out with potentially a Premiership Ring.

I know this is a MB thread but I cannot believe Lote has anything like the recent form still in him, he was playing like such a busted for us at the end. Regardless of any medical / facility issues Tigers might have, he had a great 2010 and then custard from then on. He’s an anti-Samson, this all started when he shaved his head.

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