Congrats Bodene Thompson , test selection

Just heard on the news, Sport report, Bodone Thompson making the Kiwi side replacing Sam Moa ( due to Family illness).
Congrats to him, I wonder if he is staying? Anyone know anything?

well deserved indeed, I hope we keep him.

Congrats to Thomo

Brickbats to the Tigers for not signing him.

Now - up goes the price.

Well done

Congrats to Bodene on his selection. A fine reward for a consistently good season.

I thought he done pretty well for us this season and he rightly deserves a spot in the test side…
Good luck Bodene … :sign:

Wow that is a massive achievement for him! What a great way to end a great season he has had.

A player we need to keep , Taylor where are you now , pressure is on , time to lock him up

Congrats to him…but seriously a test footballer he is not

This whole charade downgrades the meaning of a Test jersey in my opinion

If this was an SOO game or a NRL semi final these blokes would be jumping at the chance

The Kiwis (and I) beg to differ.

@sideline eye:

The Kiwis (and I) beg to differ.

In days gone past these blokes would crawl over broken glass to wear their teams national jersey or go on an Ashes tour

Now they just bow to their clubs demands

Ask Wayne Pearce or Wally Lewis what is what like to miss out on going on an Ashes tour (Both missed selection in 1986 and 1990 respectively due to injuries and it made huge headlines when Steven Folkes went over injured in 1986 and Lewis accused the ARL of tampering with his medical and the results )

@ink,yes I agree he probably is not a test level player,but good luck to him,he has been handed a jersey and I reckon he will do his best and wear the jersey with pride… 😉

@Happy,that was a good example you gave re…injuries and not touring,having said that hasn’t the ARL& NRL made a point of players safety first for their own protection as well as their clubs.
Not 100 percent on this but read about it elsewhere a while ago… 😃 :sign:

I hope the experience is a positive one for him and he tournament adds another dimension to his game – comes back a better player

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