Trent Merrin - RUMOUR !

Apparently we are in the running to sign him with Manly and the Roosters. If the rumour is correct were trying to sign him for next year but it isn’t looking likely and we’re more confident of getting him for 2016.

Again i stress this is just a rumour from what I think to be a credible source, you guys can take of it what you want. Just passing on what I’ve heard.

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Feels like a full circle

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Saints representative backrower Trent Merrin has backed the Dragons into a corner as the club tries to avoid breaking the bank next season.

Merrin and his NSW Origin teammate Brett Morris are both seeking upgrades for next season despite the club coming out and saying they are struggling to stay under the cap.

"The word is Trent Merrin wants $800,000 and has got a host of clubs who are willing to give it to him.

“They [Dragons] want to keep Trent Merrin and Brett Morris at the club and see them become one-club players,” Brent Read revealed on Sydney’s Triple M Rush Hour.

Triple M NRL’s legendary backrower Gorden Tallis does not believe Merrin deserves that sort of coin.

“Not the way he plays for the Dragons, he was coming off the bench for the last six weeks,” Tallis said.


$800,000??? Tell him he’s dreamin’.
No thanks.

No way! 800k is crazy.

I would love him to come, but 450k tops

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Gee, I’d be surprised if Manly or Easts were willing to pay him $800k

We’ve already had our $500k back rower flop….don’t need another one…$350k max…

Manly and easts couldn’t fit $800k under their cap either,the numbers must be wrong,but gee I would love him to come to our team.

If Trent Merrin is asking $800K what are similar level players asking these days? The only way clubs can afford to pay the money some players are asking these days, and still under the NRL cap, is by some illegal sleight of hand trick. At least the Dragons are following an honest path. Some of these players need to go to NFL where the money is as big as their egos…

Heard the Broncos are negotiating for him,don’t know what price though…800k to much even though he is a good player…


Heard the Broncos are negotiating for him,don’t know what price though…800k to much even though he is a good player…

The Broncos can meet their Salary cap by paying $800K for him and still keep players like Darius Boyd and other high earners?

There is not a chance of Merrin is worth 800 k

Merrin’s girlfriend must of whacked him repeatedly over the head with her surfboard if he thinks he is worth 800 k

We could pick up two good quality back rowers for that price

Newtown,I wish we had money like that,but good luck to him and Broncos if they buy him,he would have been great for us…

Newtown,do you honestly think he is worth that much.
He is a good player,but 800k,?? 😕 😕 :sign:

lol Trent Merrins ego must have seriously shot up after dating Sally if he thinks hes worth 800k

Apparently Hap,Sal wants to surf the beaches of Qld… 😒 😒 :sign:

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