Farah & Watts Charged with Striking

‘and face suspension’

according to Fox Sports Newsflash thingo


What a load of rubbish. Fair dinkum. 😠

looks like we may have to face Canberra without Robbie, not happy…

Not so! He’s free to play!

Tigers hooker Robbie Farah and Cowboys counterpart Anthony Watts have both been charged with striking after punches were thrown in Sunday’s clash at Leichhardt Oval – although Farah is set to avoid suspension.

Farah was hit with a grade-one charge and will dodge a ban with an early guilty plea, while Watts is set to be sidelined for a week over a grade two charge after the pair traded blows during the first half.

Farah will be given 93 carryover points if he submits a guilty plea, which will ensure a suspension should he face any further charges this season.


The message here is

Two props fighting it toe to toe in Origin is ok

A hooker getting square for a blindside king hit in the next scrum is a breech of the rules.

It was sorted on the field

All arse up.

Some cat can kick a player in the face and play the following game, yet two blokes having a fgood ol, sort it out on field and leave it onfield face further suspension???

What a joke!


Not so! He’s free to play!

That’s a relief if true. All I saw was the Newsflash text on Fox Sports News.

we should fite it both robbie and benji have lots of carry over points and might both get suspended later in the year before a important game imagine if we make the grand final and they both get charged with somethingsmall then both miss it and we lose remember cam smith last year

The boys did a pretty good job on covering it up for the cameras… If the game wasn’t so crucial he should fight it because he’ll get off… but considering we need him… accept the charge and behave for the rest of the year rob

The double standards continue. Shayne Hayne even said to Robbie on the way to the scrum “keep it short and sweet”, which he did. The only games we have left where I would feel comfortable of a Tigers victory minus Farah would be against Cronulla and the Roosters, maybe the Eels. Hopefully he steers clear of any further charges this season.

Fair Dinkum, what’s this game coming too….

What a joke. They might as well come out and play with skirts on.

Give me a break…fight it… get off It happend last Wednesday for christ’s sake…

How can Farah be charged? No camera angle shows that he threw the first punch and WE got the penalty from the scrum…

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