Excited despite the naysayers!

After reading all the previews of Tigers for 2015 the trend was to focus on the ‘lost a lot of experienced players’ and ‘lots of youth’. Then I watched the bulldogs game round 19 last year.

The talent from Brooks, Moses, Woods, Farah, Austin were all on display in this game and it combined and was amazing. Its worth a watch again!!

And yes the dogs werent the best team but they made the finals so its all relative. Plus we didn’t have Tedesco.

I am so looking forward to 2015 and really hope the team gets a good start to build enthusiasm and go from there.


Hopefully we can bag a decent start with a few wins.

Titans (A)
Dragons (H)
Rabbits (A)
Bulldogs (H)
Eels (A)

Cant wait for the mighty Wests Tigers to once again reign supreme as the most exciting and likeable club in the NRL. Just need to be consistent, even when we have injuries.

I think everything is pointing to an exciting 2015,like many I CANT WAIT….

yeah - I reckon given a fair shake with injuries, we can finish mid table. I’d be O.k. with that, although like everyone else, I’m hoping for a lot more. Go you tiges!

I reckon we have a good coach, and a good team. I will be really pleased if Wests Tigers put in for 80 minutes each week. If they do, we can’t go wrong. Go Tigers

We had a team with bugger-all experience in 2005 too and look how that panned out.

Is our team really that inexperienced?

Farah - rep football and finals
Galloway - rep football and finals
Woods - rep football
Halatau - rep football and finals
Richards - rep footy and finals
Tapou - rep footy
Lawrence - rep footy and finals

Taylor - finals coach

I predict a 6 - 8 finish.

Me too BrissieTiger. I think our team will have a good year as long as injuries stay minimal. Can’t wait for Saturday 😃

I hope I’m wrong

Really hope I am underestimating our side for 2015 and hope they can at least make it to September

A few months ago I had us penciled in for the spoon or their about, I was not convinced we had the right mix in our roster and I was worried about what mental baggage they would carry into 2015 after the turmoil of 2014. I am now starting to think that Taylor has really got the team heading in the right direction and their is a bit of a buzz in the camp. Anyway not long to go now and within the first month we should have a pretty good idea where we are going.

In saying all the above I still expect us to finish close to 8 but just miss out,but I also expect we will be a lot more competitive and very few blow outs if any and lay a great platform for 2016

Only expectation this year I have of wests-tigers is for their defence to improve.
So yes I am excited to see if this has changed in season 2015. 🙏

What I saw in that game was Austin killing it, some silky skills from Moses and really bad goal kicking.


What I saw in that game was Austin killing it, some silky skills from Moses and really bad goal kicking.

no patty richards, whadya expect 😛

moses is alright a kicker, same as benji was. around 70% id guess.

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