Player stats from tonight

I’ll update these on Sunday once the NRL stats guys review the game

1. Tedesco - 80 metres in attack, 1 try, 1 line break, 6 tackles, 1 missed tackle

2. Naiqama - 102 metres in attack, 8 tackles, 1 missed tackle

3. Simona - 116 metres in attack, 2 try assists, 10 tackles, 3 missed tackles

18. Lovett - 104 metres in attack, 26 tackles, 1 missed tackle

5. Richards - 104 metres in attack, 2 tries, 3 goals, 1 field goal, 2 line breaks, 1 missed tackle

6. Moses - 26 metres in attack, 19 tackles, 4 missed tackles

7. Brooks - 41 metres in attack, 9 tackles, 2 missed tackles

8. Woods - 190 metres in attack, 32 tackles

9. Farah - 27 metres in attack, 1 try assist, 44 tackles, 2 missed tackles

10. Galloway - 111 metres in attack, 21 tackles

11. Sironen - 85 metres in attack, 22 tackles, 1 missed tackle

12. Sue - 28 metres in attack, 35 tackles

15. Taupau - 114 metres in attack, 35 tackles, 1 missed tackle

13. Halatau - 32 metres in attack, 9 tackles, 1 missed tackle

14. Seumanufagai - 47 metres in attack, 12 tackles

16. Lodge - 110 metres in attack, 17 tackles, 2 missed tackles

17. Santi - 61 metres in attack, 19 tackles

What’s with Sue’s stats? 35 tackles is good, but only 28 metres?


What’s with Sue’s stats? 35 tackles is good, but only 28 metres?

seems about right… i swear i remember him running the ball only 2 times- both times he got dominated.

when he first started playing, he had such a massive leg drive, ran hard- this was a bad game from him.

I think Funaki should replace Sue at some stage this season, or Lamar L.

Woods looked good. Stats back it up. If it weren’t for Patty, I’d say he deserved the MotM.

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Farah and Tedesco were real quiet although tye did link up for a try. Halatau offers next to nothing.

what on earth has happened to sue in attack? looked so promising in 2013.

hell hold his spot with that many tackles though, need the experience

Sue and Halatau need to go back to the bench, and Taupau and Santi need to start. Taupau is self explanatory, and Santi cos i think he could be the workhorse we need. Really think he could develop into a Shaun Fensom tackling machine.

For me Lamar has to be in the side. I like how taylor benched farah for a bit will halatau comming on then halatau fits in back row somewhere. But for me sue and. Santi does not work.

Impressive stats from Lovett

Not bad…

Agree re: Lovett’s stats.
Had a dig. Type of attitude we want from players.

Really disappointed with Sue so far this season too. Not going to write him off or replace with an unproven reserve grader. Thats just crazy, the guy killed it in Four Nations.

Sue didn’t get much ball his way, when he did he couldn’t make any ground

When is KG gonna take a leaf out of Woodsy’s book and make some meters.
I’m no footballer but looking at numbers i’d be keen to push harder if the young bloke kept putting me to shame each week

For me sue and Tapau are bench players. Think sirro put his hand up for the starting second row. So starting second row and lock starting position still up for grabs me think.

great to have this thread back…cheers Willow

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