Game 1 in the bag

Hey Crew

Great start by the tiges lots of positives and a big room for improvement. Firstly i was impressed with our grit and our defensive structure. We had some small lapses but on the whole we were great. Forwards worked hard and the new guys tried there guts out.

While there’s a bit of negativity on here i only see positives. This is the first time we have played with JTs style and you can see it is a lot more direct with the plays happening at the line which i am a fan of. IMO it will take a fair few games before we will see the boys fully able to play both defensively and offensively in the style that JT is creating. For those that have played alot of decent grade football adjusting to new coaches expectations and ideas takes time. Practice is practice but its different in game situations.

One from one great start room to improve

Go the tiggers


“In the bag” on the Gold Coast ?

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Yeah i agree in a couple of weeks time will just look at it as 2 Competition points and a win .
Some games you don’t have to look pretty just get the 2 Competition Points.
We have lots of work to do and with Ava’s injury our jinx continues .

I liked the composure when things started looking bleak….big hits in defense to get the ball back,and then we really used our big guys to get into position to strike and then the triple pass play back to Pattycake was brilliant.

And winning when not at ur best is a freaking brilliant sign!

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