Saints are awful

Anyone watching this??

They look like they all just met each other. Clueless in attack. It’s actually ugly to watch just how out of sync they are. Dugan looks like he is injured and Benji has been average.

We have seriously been gift wrapped these opening 2 rounds this season.

I mean don’t get me wrong we were no better then them this week. However at home, off a 9 day turn around surely we can beat this mob.

Otherwise were just making up the numbers and in for a long year.

I have only watched the second half and agree. Terrible.

However, Koro has looked a million dollars. If Mann wasnt a ball hog Koro would have had at least 2 tries in the second half.

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Sure are. They pounded the Storms line for the entire first half, and the Storm didn’t even break a sweat. Very ordinary side, and they’ll be even more ordinary if Dugan is out.

This thread is asking for trouble

They might be awful now, but will no doubt improve by next week though.


This thread is asking for trouble

Its only stating the truth so far. Based on what they showed tonight, they are a bottom 4 side. Granted we made it tough for ourselves as well, but we didn’t spend an entire half attacking the Titans tryline and coming up short.

It’ll be another close game IMO , if we win we’ll just get home .

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And the only try they did score was from an arsey Marshall grubber.

Storm have been there clinical best…I think the Dragons forwards have been OK but there late tackle options pretty ordinary….Nabuli had a good debut Kev will have his hands full…

Still Rd 1 so can’t take much from it…


This thread is asking for trouble

As was the people saying we would pump the Titans Rd 1

The Dragons were average but they were playing a possible top five team. We were playing the team that has been penciled in for the spoon,who also had a few quality players unavailable and just fell over the line.

From what I have seen this week,their is a massive gap between a few good sides and than their is a traffic jam of battlers below them.

For a lot of teams 2015 will be a lottery every week.So next week at Cambo it’s anyone’s guess who will get the bacon

Yep…they were terrible…if we defend half as good as melb we might keep saints to 2 or 3 tries

Look don’t get me wrong. The Dragons towelled us up twice last season.

And it showed eventually that those results showed we were miles off the pace.

If we can’t beat them at home we are on struggle street. I don’t think the Storm are a top side this year, not by any means. However they are always hard to play against.

They’ll fire up agaisnt us, they always do.

But you have to question McGregor and their depth. Worst depth in the comp, a couple of serious injuries away from a spoon.

Dugan went off with an ankle injury….looked pretty bad!

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