Wests Tigers caps

I have about 6 or 7 old WTs members caps, theyre old but basically in new cond…i never wear them

Heading for the bin, I thought Id see if anyone wanted them.

Buy some of those polystyrene models heads and put them on display, crikey don’t toss them!.

I also have x3 2015 WT membership caps, fridge magnets etc that I won’t be wearing. If you would like one PM me too. If you have kids they might like them.

Give them to your neighbours kids,
turn them into Tigers fans !

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I have two bags of clothes in the boot of my car for when I find a clothing bin…these look like joining them

Its no surprise you cant give those hideous things away. The middle one is the only one that I wore, the rest I gave to my nephew, but I never saw him wear one. The whole orange one was the worse.


Give them to your neighbours kids,
turn them into Tigers fans !

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Good call!

The one 4th one is the best design. I wore mine to the game last week (my new one hasn’t arrived yet).

No offense to anyone but those are some stupid looking caps.

cant understand why they had to have the emblem offset, not too bad other than that

Lets do a Wests Tigers sombrero instead and be sun smart for us fair skinned WT fans


Maybe take them to a home game and try and give them away or chuck them on ebay and sell them as a set ??

Give them to someone to raffle off ??

Don’t chuck em mate

I would love them. They are five years of my membership. I lost one, wore one into the ground.

I have a hat collection in my office at work that they will round off.

I am happy to pay you for them Ink.

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