Midfield Bombs

Clearly Taylor has bought this tactic with him from the Roosters. I actually think it is a pretty good %play.

The past 2-3 years the Chooks always kick it high from around halfway or 40 metres out.Even slightly their own side of halfway they will put some up high. The goal is clearly to get plenty of hang time and land the ball between tthe 20 and 10.With the hang time the chase has time to get down there and to nail the opponents on the 10 metre line

Pearce does this 10 times a game at the Chooks. Its a pretty boring tactic, however if you execute it well it means you have our opposition having to go 80 metres most sets. It gts you in the grind so to speak.

Its only a small example however its something I think Taylor has clearly put into our gameplan. No adhoc kicking, no real risks on last plays. Taylor is trying to play us a more structured footy team and this part of the kicking game is evident.

What it does is eliminates the seven tackle restart from the 25

And makes sure our defence is set

You could tell mentally Tedesco was right after he screamed after that bomb and almost regathered

I like the tactic , personally , but we will see what happens when we don’t have good field position

I really don’t like the tactic, at least not used as much as it is. We must have put up 10 bombs from halfway and 9 of which were taken under no pressure at all on about their 20m line and they could then make a few more metres under no pressure. They were basically starting each set on their 30m line! Commentators were saying the same thing.

What wrong with kicking to the corner and trapping a winger near his in goal area/sideline. Don’t have to kick for the in goal area but make him turn and chase, maybe the ball will go out and its a 10m scrum with a set defensive line. They will have to work it out from their line against an organised defence.

With the bombs it provides the opposition to counter attack in broken play every time if our defensive line isn’t up and in a straight line. Which it rarely was. 1-2 missed tackles and we’d have wingers/fullbacks charging down-field at full pace.

Mixing it in to the kicking strategy is good, variety is always an advantage especially if the fullback is unconvincing. Or if we are able to contest every catch as it comes down then it can also be an effective tactic. But giving the opposition uncontested catches and the chance to counter attack is a bad idea.

Are we really going to kick like that to Inglis and invite him to run at us at the beginning of every set?!

Though I do think it was just a strategy for the team we were playing, and next week we will kick to the corners to avoid Inglis.

Against some teams it will work, like last night against a new fullback.
I do like the structure it brings also but next week if we do that to GI we are signing our own death warrant.
We need to pepper Reddy alllllll day.

I much prefer Brooks taking more attacking plays on tackle 5 & 6, as he did well in the first half of last nights game. However if it’s obvious the game has become a defensive battle. Then i’d switch Patty and Moses around mid set (as they do for a field goal option) and have Patty launch an extreme bomb or torpedo. That would give us so much hang time that the forwards could walk there. 😃

I like the strategy, it eliminates or reduces the chances of a 7 tackle set, gives an opportunity to pin the opposition in their 20 with 6 tackles and a set defensive line, can get the ball back if there’s a knock on and gives us better field position. I’m all for attacking plays on 5 and 6 but in this situation I can see the benefits and don’t mind it, even against a GI next week it may well limit what he does if he’s got 3 blokes ready to tackle him and no momentum built up.

It’s a defensive tactic. I’m ok with it. As said it usually allows for a set line and doesn’t give the fullback much room to move. Has worked well so far.

Bombs are an absolute blight on the game. There is nothing more boring than watching teams without a clue just hoisting the ball up set after set and from there it is just a lottery to see who gets the ball. The NRL really need to address this, it is killing the game as a spectacle IMO.

Only problem I have with it is that our bombs were landing on the 20 when we want them to land on the 10

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