Last Liberal Primeminister passes

Sad that the last true liberal leader of our great country passed today, having had to resign from the party he led because it had become conservative and in his opinion, even going backwards. Malcolm Fraser had a poor entry into the top job, but continued on the work begun by Whitlam that transformed our country and dragged it from the past.

I have to admit that I was not a fan of Malcolm Fraser in his heyday, but as an elder statesman he became the voice of reason. I will miss his valuable contributions to Australia’s political debate.

Yeah have to agree with both of you. Fraser’s transformation from a toffy nosed, hard line, conservative into a compassionate humanitarian was truly astounding and gives us hope that anything is possible. Both he and Whitlam will be sorely missed.

The circumstances in how he was elected will always be a mark against him but he ended up being one of the few politicians who i can say had a conscience.He will be sadly missed as he was arguably the last of the mainstream liberals.

Cant disagree with all the above

My parents despised him

Fraser and Whitlam, two big man of politics. Both gone. Look at who we are left with…Tony Abbot and co… 😕

Achieved some great things and has my respect, but unlike most, I think he turned a bit strange over the last decade or so (I put that as mildly as I could).

R.I.P. Malcolm….they don’t wear pants in Heaven

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