Tactics vs strategy

Yes, the tactics were a bit off today re the bench. Execution was very poor too.

But the strategy is spot on, and requires us fans to be patient.

The defence in the middle is much better, today confirms that. Decision making on the edges also much better.

In attack the shape is ok when we go out the back, and execution is only going to get sharper.

And even running the young guys in the middle of the game will reap dividends later in the year, esp around origin time.

Patience, patience, patience. No team wins every game, and gritty losses against better drilled teams are something we can live with after 3 weeks.

For the record I am filthy on souffs, pretty angry about the ball control and always hate the refs, but my head tells me we are a better team than what we saw today. :sign:

Hard to evaluate with so many errors. I felt like we offered more in attack, particularly in the first 30, but that errors killed us.

Teddy had a very rare poor game.

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True southern, but don’t you think we would have conceded 20+ in that second half last year?

Absolutely. Our defensive structure is impressive. We are a far better unit now.

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The team is obviously buying into Taylor. Last year they would have put the cups away and given up 50.

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