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Had our last trial today for theDiv1 u/13s Today at Helensvale today in stinking heat , and did pretty well with a 42/10 result,over Coomera.

Over the last Three weeks the boys have been busy with School selections as well as 7 of the Helensvale 13s making the Titans 13s development squad , and playing in two games against a Nsw Northern rivers and a southern Qld team,
The Northern game was the preliminary game to lasts weeks Titans game at Robina.and was played in Torrential rain, and the kids loved to be playing in the wet for a change.

The game was actually better to watch than the First grade
My sons young bloke managed ( yeah, I’m biased)a really good game particularly with goal kicking getting 7 out of8 attempts with Three from about a metre from the side line,in the rain.
It’s really a big year for that age this year,but they are stoked that so many of them are in the squad together,
They’re a good bunch of kids, and we should get to see some good football From them.

We kicked off Saturday morning with an u11s trial vs helensvale. Our fellas came out on top in the end but it was a great tussle. So hot for the kids - even at 9am. Very proud dad on the sideline watching the young bloke run straight and hard and tackling his heart out. So its goodbye summer nippers and hello winter footy. Game on.

have your kids got games this week ?
should be cooler than next week.

Not as far as I know. Training was cancelled this week and I’ve heard no more. Nothing scheduled as far as I know, but the grounds are pretty sodden as well.

Yeah and strange for you guys having the sun facing toward the beach since your move east. Nippers awards last week, with my young bloke surprisingly coming second and a point off winning the point score. He was age champion last year, but that was the 8’s, so with no board or surf swim events, that suits a kid that like him that can run like the wind, but is scared of the surf. We are lucky to have really committed instructors that continue their board and swim training right up until winter, even if my son has to be pushed a little to go. For me it is a must for any child that lives near the ocean and whose parents can afford to take them.

His footy club is struggling for numbers in the age below again this year, so will have to take them up and have two teams in his age group again, the 9’s this season. Whilst my fella has now played a year and is of the proper age, so is not one to concern with, at a post training parents meeting, I let them know that last year was not fair and not to put all the underage kids and newbies together again.

Only got one trial game tomorrow, so to give the new players a bit more field time and help out another short team, will be taking my boy to the 10’s gala day, which has weird pre-season scheduling. He filled in for them last year as well, when they lost on the bell in the 9’s, so hopefully he has another enjoyable day tomorrow.

My boys (U7 & U9) have their first trial for the year at Greta this sunday, I will have to go straight there after night shift and try not to kill anybody so that will be fun, and of course the older boy doesn’t play until 12.30 so it’ll be a looong day but i’m really looking forward to it. I had a couple of my U6 boys from last year stay back and play U6 again and I have a few new kids who are big boppas so our defence should at least exist this year, I only had two who would tackle at all last year. They were too bloody cute to get mad at though! My older boy has decided that he can run now too rather than amble so i’m expecting him to have a great year. Go Greyhounds!


Go Greyhounds!

Booo the Greyhounds, I always hated playing Singleton!

I’d have loved to play for Scone but I was too little and my mum wouldn’t let me! So I went riding bulls instead! LOL


I’d have loved to play for Scone but I was too little and my mum wouldn’t let me! So I went riding bulls instead! LOL

lol, I played for Aberdeen, almost spewed when I had to wear a thoroughbreds Jersey when playing for Scone High!

Went for the safe option hey.

I’m down at Budgewoi and plenty of rain overnight, so my young bloke’s 9’s team trial is off, but at this stage the 10’s Gala day he was backing up for is still on, so fingers crossed.

As you say, that is really weird scheduling having the gala day at this time of year. And yeah, nippers is great. Last season, my son was in under 10s. He buggered his knee three times and was out of action for quite a few weeks. The last time the physio at the ground suggested that he hadn’t yet developed strong enough tendons or something - there was signifivant movement in his knee joints. So he advised that it’s just a growth thing. His body needed time. So in an effort to strengthen things up, we got him pretty heavily involved with the surf club. There was a lot of sand running, and he was doing swimming training twice a week along with board training once as well as the Sunday at nippers. Hoping this year all his hard work has helped him for the footy season ahead. Summer definitely helped with his body shape. He’s trimmed nicely. I can highly recommend nippers for anyone thinking about summer sport for a whole host of reasons. Not least of which is the comradery. Of course, there’s plenty to learn there as well. Its a great scene.

Well, the 13div 1 teams all played at Ormeau in the Vikings Rep trial, and unfortunately the Helensvale
Boys picked today to have a rare 4 point loss.
Bad handling cost them badly, but it probably won’t hurt them to have a loss around now.
Complacency may have played a part, , but I would not miss the next game against Palm Beach,
It should be a ripper.

Palm beach’s handling was off as well, but they held the ball long enough when it mattered, to get the last try when it mattered,
bring on the Comp games!

Boys lost their 1st game last night 40-16 , only had 12 players with a stomach bug going through the school

EB should be back this week from his ankle injury

Sorry I meant Burleigh, dunno where I got Palm Beach from.

Probably the most mixed I’ve been watching my sons side play

They beat a side they haven’t beaten 38-22 absolutely amazing stuff

But arguably the scariest moment I’ve seen in a junior footy game

We got a penalty and should have kicked for touch with about 8 minutes left but the young bloke decided to take a quick tap and copped a really good hit looked legal …and the player was at first laying on the ground and then started writhing clutching his throat

Turns out it was a hit to the larynx and muscle went into spasm which closed up the airway

Fortunately he is fine …extremely scary stuff

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