Would you get rid of Robbie next year if......

It meant our two to three year wait for purchasing power with the salary cap was reduced to one.I know Robbie is great club man for the tigers but if we got rid of him and his $900,000 contract at the start of next year so he could play in England (and follow his beloved Liverpool FC).
Also throw in Keith Galloway aswell as I don’t think he would be much of a loss.Would you all happily cop this if it took 12 maybe 24 months off our dire financial predicament???.

The way I see it is we still have Cherrington and we could keep Halatau next year aswell.Whilst the real heir apparent is the very exciting Jacob Liddle who will be ready much earlier with the game getting quicker next year and beyond with reduced interchange.

A great player like Farah will know when it is time to end his career. He has a future in football administration with his economics degree being put to good use. We need him next year to lead the team and guide Cherrington. Cherrington has the combination with Moses and Brooks and it was obvious last Sunday. He is the cornerstone around which we build our new team. Liddle is also a fine hooker and don’t forget we also have the Balmain SG Ball Hooker, Daniel Peck, who played NSW Under 18s this year. Another fined prospect but I am sure our club is now on the radar of the Panthers and other predatory club.s

I wonder how his supposed $900k contract is really allocated in our Salary Cap…

How much of that is backloaded
How much is TPA?
How much will we need to pay another club to take him?

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We lack experienced leaders….we have some experience, Galloway has a million games, he doesnt lead, Robbie does.

…and who better for Cherrington to be guidedand helped into first grade from?

We should keep Robbie next year, first & foremost because he is an outstanding player. We’ve lost too much experience over the past 18 months & will need guys like him & Lawrence (assuming Keithy will go) to guide the young guys along. I don’t think we should rush Cherrington either. Let him continue to start from the bench & cover for Robbie over Origin. He has been going well playing this kind of role recently.

I haven’t seen Liddle play. What’s he like compared to Cherrington?

We have b all experience so to let Farah go would not be smart and as Watto said, Farah’s contract probably involves TPA’s,it would also have some cap discounts for length of service,so in the end the saving may not be great

I think we keep him but pay him a significantly reduced contract if any for his next contract. He has been a great player for us and he should stay for as long as we can keep him on a fair wage.

I’m a massive Farah fan though physically he should have retired last year… He’s been ordinary this season, having said that lets hope he could put in a good year next season.

The last thing we need to do is get rid of experienced players to make way for even more kids.
If we do get rid of some underperforming old heads (and I don’t classify Farah in that group) they need to be replaced by competent first graders to help the kids we already have.

A definate no from me we already lack experience and to remove our most experienced player would be criminal.We need more experience not less

No chance , experience we lack , when fully fit he leads the team well

I’d like to see how he comes back after his latest injuries before I made a judgement

Warriors like Robbie lose the edge in a hurry unfortunately

His best football seems behind him

But as Ink said we still need experienced campaigners

Cherrington isn’t quite ready just yet either

A lot to weigh up before making that sort of call

Yeah we can afford to toss Origin players out with the bathwater…please…

Assuming we’re buying a couple of solid first graders to replace him, I would.

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Yeah we can afford to toss Origin players out with the bathwater…please…

It would depend who we picked up after tossing Farah out Geo ??

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