Struggling With Interest

I have to say last week my interest level in the Bronco game was at an all time low. This week is worse. I am struggling… What about everyone else??

Pretty much the same here, Shane. I have practically zero interest and exhibit no emotion whatsoever when watching our matches at present and am already looking towards next season and what can possibly be done to improve things and get us off the bottom of the ladder. The tipping comp, draft game and fun banter is about the only thing I come on here for now.

Shane ,best advice I can give is go into games with low expectations and if they surprise you good news

Laugh off the really bad stuff ,when teams score from one out hit ups stuff like that

A lot worse stuff could happen in your day than your footy side losing

the worst thing is this feeling will last for about the next 3 years, and by then they will have stuffed another thing up and we will be told it will take another 3 years to fix.
just keep the fridge full of beer and bourbon, lol.

To be honest I was really struggling 2 months back but have to say I’m enjoying my footy now. Even though the team is performing badly, I don’t believe they are under performing. Therefore as long as they have a dig I’ll enjoy the good and criticize the poor. Either way ill be involved. There are players who are improving, so I can’t wait to see them have a crack against the chook rooters….

I’ve been a member for a long time and will be there tomorrow night. 98% of me knows it probably wont go well. But its the other 2% that thinks just maybe they can do something here. I go to all Tigers games expecting nothing. Over the years the losses have far outweighed the wins. But you go to the games and see all the fans and familiar faces who have been there for years, not just 05 and 10 when times were good. I feel fortunate that I can get to as many Tigers games as I can as I know there are plenty of huge Tiger fans on the forum who would love to, but for various reasons cannot.

We need to stay with them. Sure its tough. But these are the times we will look back on when the losing cycle starts to change. And it will. There will be plenty of Tiger fans around then happy to jump straight back on the bandwagon. The real Tiger fans, like yourself Shane, are the ones who get behind them now.

To me though its the young kids you see at the games decked out in all their tigers gear who couldn’t care less about where they are on the table or who is in or out of the team. I sit near two young blokes at ANZ who spent the whole 80mins during the eels game cheering non stop for Chris Lawrence. Every time he touched the ball or made a tackle. They nearly fell off their seats when he almost scored. They made another big loss somewhat enjoyable.

So stick with them. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to get through this long tunnel!

Yeh, its a bit better than a few weeks back. But like happy says, no expectations…

I can spot the good bits…theyre there…I dont blink much

Been the same way. Still watch every game intently but i dont enjoy the style of football we are playing, dont agree with the selections and cant stand the spin and positive light trying to be put on the whole thing.

The upside is a greater enjoyment and appreciation of the other 7 games. Its refreshing to watch teams with energy,enthusiasm and a well balanced squad. Canberra for instance.

Nah , I’m loving it , you’ve just gotta have a laugh !
There’s more to life than footy !!

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It’s in the Blood…what can you do…

We will SMASH them!!! [this is what I keep telling myself] 🙏

I’m with you NJLM78. I’m taking my son to his first game of the year and have already told him that we most likely won’t win but the Tigers are our team. Good or Bad we will be cheering them on because it’s when your down you need the most support. Let’s stop bitching for awhile and get behind the team we all love.

Being a long, long fan of first the magpies and then wests tigers you are used to years such as this.
Just sit back with a cold one and cheer the boys on. Enjoy the good bits, boo the ref and laugh at our blunders. It’s footy and I’d much rather be a Tigers fan than Manly or Roosters. It’s in our blood!!

They’re trying hard, but simply cannot play for 80 minutes. Hope they have a good crack but I reckon we’ll get flogged all the same.

@bp tiger:

the worst thing is this feeling will last for about the next 3 years, and by then they will have stuffed another thing up and we will be told it will take another 3 years to fix.
just keep the fridge full of beer and bourbon, lol.

I will be around after I do the raffle at work at about 7.45,do you stock Wild Turkey ? I will grab a pizza on the way… 😃

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