Player analysis vs rorters

James Tedesco: 8.5/10 - Wholehearted champion, gave everything, saved about 3 tries where our forwards could not do the job down the middle and looked dangerous in attack.

David Nofoaluma: 7/10 - Did the hard hitups better than most of our forwards, looked dangerous whenever he ran the ball however still prone to the odd error and whole right edge need to work on better communication but was nice to see him back, gotta love him.

Tim Simona: 7/10 - Good job on keeping Ferguson quiet and was sound in defense. Looked fairly dangerous in attack too though lacks the killer speed he once had - not slow but not as fast as he once was.

Kevin Naiqama: 4/10 - Hardly ran the ball at all tonight. Some good defensive efforts and then some poor ones… still undecided on this bloke, looked a little lost in the centres I must say though worth persisting with.

Pat Richards: 2/10 - How the mighty have fallen. I think KS summed him up perfectly, the way hes been playing, “So let’s see……can’t tackle, can’t make the right decisions in defence, can’t take a bomb, can’t stay in field of play, can’t kick off, can’t kick goals, and makes a simple try look very very hard.” Needs to go ASAP.

Mitchell Moses: 4.5/10 - Ran the ball once… needs to be doing it more than that. Threw too many hospital passes and kicking wasn’t great though he toiled hard in defense.

Luke Brooks: 5/10 - His kicks in general play were pretty good I thought, most of them from our 40 to down inside the chooks 10 with decent chase, solid in defense for the most part as well, but again too many errors and not enough in attack, needs to show more.

Aaron Woods: 6/10 - Decent in meter making and in defense - but needed more from the skipper in the absence of Robbie.

Dene Halatau: 5/10 - He’s a bad hooker but tried hard in defense.

Jesse Sue: 5.5/10 - Made some meters, was ok in defense bar a lazy attempted tackle on a break down the middle by the chooks.

Chris Lawrence: N.A.

Curtis Sironen: 7/10 - Solid in attack and defense for the majority of the game in a beaten team, well done.

Martin Taupau: 5/10 - While he was solid in defense for most of the night and looked threatening when he ran (wasn’t much), stupid hit on Maloney summed up his night, will likely miss a couple of weeks.

The Bench :deadhorse: :deadhorse:

Manaia Cherrington: 4/10 - Out of his league against the roosters in defense, though did a better job than Halatau in terms of dummy half flair as expected.

Jack Buchanan: 2/10 - Plodder. No new contract for you.

Keith Galloway: 3/10 - Plodder. No new contract for you. (Being a bit unfair here, although he gave away his usual stupid penalty, he did make some meters)

Kyle Lovett: 4/10 - Got monstered and missed a few vital tackles though made a few good ones as well. I don’t think he should be resigned as he has zero impact and isn’t a GREAT defender anyway but im still not too sure on what to make of him

Overall 78.5/170
Our ‘better’ players (IE Tedesco) helped us keep up with the roosters for about 60 minutes… mind you they weren’t at their best either… then the fatigue kicked in and we conceded.

A good assessment can not argue with any of your numbers

Marty seems to have lost that killer instinct in attack lately, although I thought he defended well tonight. Might be worth starting him from the bench for a game or 2.

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