Another tough night to be a tigers supporter. I’m sure some will have seen things differently to me but from being at the game this is how i feel the boys went.

1 James Tedesco - 9 Without him the score would of been 50 at least. His last line defence was outstanding and he got over the stripe for his mandatory try.
2 Kevin Naiqama - 4 Got up in their faces a few times but did miss 7 tackles, wasn’t busy enough with the ball. Only made a couple of runs but did keep Jennings reasonably quiet.
3 David Nofoaluma - 4 He is not a centre and never will be. Good to see him on the wing for most of the game. I’ll forgive him as it was his first game back. Disappointed that after Aiden Guerra roughed him up he didn’t go looking for him.
4 Tim Simona - 6 Looked overawed by Ferguson at the start of the game. Came into it in the end with a good pass to put Richards over.
5 Pat Richards - 2 I really don’t want to bag Pat as he has given his heart and soul for the tigers but it is time for him to go. 2 kick outs on the full, 0 from 2 conversions and he looked a few steps behind everyone else.
6 Mitchell Moses - 5 Didn’t run enough for a five eighth but reduced his missed tackles from last week. The one thing I liked was he really gets his shoulder in when he tackles. He knows the big guys are going to run at him and he gives as good as he gets.
7 Luke Brooks - 3 Potential, Potential, Potential. How far is Potential going to take him? Through some no look passes which just didn’t come off.
8 Aaron Woods - 8 Had is usually quality game. I just wished he showed a bit more aggression in defence. He rarely misses tackles but he never hurts the opposition.
9 Dene Halatau - 5 No frills. Didn’t do too much wrong but didn’t do much right. Certainly didn’t have the control of Robbie.
10 Sauaso Sue - 6 I’d really like him to put on 5-10 kilos and really concentrate on being a front rower. Tried to ruffle some feathers but just wasn’t there.
17 Curtis Sironen - Worked hard, made some errors but hit hard in defence. If only he ran as hard as his old man.
12 Chris Lawrence - 1 Unlucky he go injured on his first run as he has looked good in the last few weeks.
13 Martin Taupau - 7 Not his usual barnstorming game but playing against the roosters rep forward pack it was always going to be tough. Loves the niggle and won’t take a backward step. I’d love for the other forwards to take a leaf out of his book. Wish the swinging arm was aimed at Hargreaves or Guerra.

11 Kyle Lovett 6 I know, I know. He doesn’t run all that hard and doesn’t tackle all that hard but he does make a lot of cover tackles of his teammates misses. I watched him as i haven’t had all that much confidence in him. He’s never going to be a world beater but i can see him developing into a Shaun Fensom (I hope) type of player. It is his first year in 1st grade so he can only get better.
14 Manaia Cherrington 3 Did nothing, was a shadow of his game last week.
15 Keith Galloway 6 Had a couple of good runs on the back of announcing he’s off to Leeds.
16 Jack Buchanan 2 I haven’t seen him play in NSW cup but he is not and never will be a 1st grader. Maybe Keithy can organise another plane ticket for him. One-way.

Tough to take this game with so many errors. Sometimes i think I’d like to see Teddy and Moses swap every now and then but do we really want to reduce one of our strengths. In the end the boys tried hard but unfortunately they were beaten by a far better side.