Happy Birthday foreveratiger

Happy Birthday Champ !
Have a great day & enjoy your pedicure !

Happy birthday FT one year older but one year wiser, hope you enjoyed breakfast in bed and someone else is going to mow the lawn for you this weekend!

Happy 50th birthday FT

Seriously though one of the Forums favourites

Hope you have a great day mate

Cheers Happy

Happy Birthday FT! Have a good one. 😃

Enjoy your day. Life is too short to worry about petty issues.

Happy hall century FT. Always enjoy reeading your posts. Hope you have a great day.

A genuine nice guy, and brother in arms up here in Two Headed country.

Always extends the olive branch, never has too much time for a chat and a catch up, and has a beautiful young family as well.

Hope they are spoiling you today big fella.

We are long overdue for a brew and a catch up (totes my fault) - I want to try out Coollongatta Burger Lounge - So I think my shout on a Burger and Brew asap.

Happy birthday FT. Do the members ever have a meet up in Brisbane? I look after a few clubs/rsl’s up here and if we ever have a get together, the food’s on me.
Enjoy you day mate

All the best on your special day foreveratiger.
This forum is always better off when you’re involved!

Happy B’Day FT…Many happy returns…

I echo everyone sentiments great forum contributor …top bloke

Happy Birthday FT…you are an exceptionally well respected person on the forum,your involvement in getting the tipping comp going every week deserves every accolade…
Relax,have a couple of beers for us and enjoy the day…

Side note…don’t go sqwarking like a gala in a choke hold because your at the top of the tipping ladder…TT is still breathing down your neck… 😈

Have a great day mate…


Happy Birthday Champ !
Have a great day & enjoy your pedicure !

You bugger , you couldn’t help your self 😆

Happy birthday FT - have a great day and hopefully this time next year things will be brighter for you regards the Tigers.

Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays sweet FT! 😛
My Nana once said to me " Live your Life and Forget your Age"
Have an awsome day! 😛 😛

Wow some very nice words from everyone , i don’t do well with centre of attention type thing.

For the record i’m turning 37 😉

Just want to say thank you to the lot of you for at times putting up with some of my dribble and thank you to everyone that makes this place so special .
We are going through tough times at the moment but lets all try and hang in there as hard as it is .

Cheers guys

P.S……never be afraid to tell your loved ones you love them .

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