Is the biggest issue our expectations ??

At the start of the season many of us had differing expectations

While all of us wanted to at least make the 8 or by some glimmer of hope hope we could win a premiership the reality was far from that

With having many players with less than 50 games of NRl

Players coming back from serious injuries

A young halves combo who need time

Our marquee player who’s best days were probably behind him

Little back up in key positions ( centres and back row )

That the reality was always going to be a massive struggle to compete with the majority of sides in the comp

So my question to everyone is this

Are the people who are angry at Taylor people who expected us to make the Top 8 in 2015

Did some expect too much too soon ??

10th -13th I think was my prediction.

Though the seasons turned.out 10x worse

Only positive is our new S&C staff

I don’t think it’s our expectations - As Ink said, if you go back and look at the predictions threads from earlier this year - a fair share of us were saying “outside the 8”

Myself not inclusive - I honestly thought we were a shot for the bottom of the 8.

The anger I don’t think comes from having expectations set too high - I believe it more comes from the wide gulf in efforts we see from our team week in week out without repercussion, and from the downright bizarre tactics that at times are employed on the paddock.

Watching a crap team try hard and go down valiantly isn’t bad. Watching some players who don’t seem to want to be there certainly is.

My expectations were never high. I didn’t expect the team to do any worse than last season though. As UD has already said, I can handle a crap team go down having a lash, can’t cop an overpaid squad not even trying. There’s blokes from Wests and Balmain decades ago who used to play for a beer and a pie and they left everything on the field even if they were completely outclassed. They must watch this circus with contempt and anger knowing these guys are paid well to pack it in when it gets tough.

Blair/Bodene/Marika/Blake must all be breathing a collective sigh of relief. All in or just outside the 8.

My expectations were never high, I looked at our roster and compared them with the other 15 and thought bottom four. After a few rounds I started to think maybe with a ton of luck we could finish between 10 and 8. Than of course it all went pear shape.

I am not angry at being at the bottom of the heap, what I am angry about is the club has been so badly managed that we now have no way of recruiting our way out of this mess in the short term and we are faced with the grim reality that we will be at the bottom of the heap for at least another few years

I think from memory I predicted somewhere between 10/12th…my realisation was that because of so much drama re Potter,the Board,the Review and Farah we were always going to have to tough it out…
My biggest disappointment so far is the young halves who came into FG with a huge amount of hype regarding how they play well together and have been together for quite awhile,the thing that gets me is how difficult they have found playing to a structure can be…don’t get me wrong they have huge potential,but they also need to develope into an NRL pairing and solid combination…this takes time…the Taylor critics who want him gone,don’t completely understand the job he has undertaken to get this group of players to NRL standard…he hasn’t got quality ala Roosters,a Broncos,Storm etc…I can see the issue surrounding people not liking Taylor’s methods,however he has been given a 3 year contract,has a huge salary cap mess to sort out before he can go on the player market…He to needs time to develope the playing group and the cap mess…Am I disappointed that we look like winning the spoon,God yes,however I have been around the block enough times to understand that things don’t fall into place at the snap of the fingers…if this new board can sort through the garbage left behind by many of the former,Admin,CEO,Coach and players…then to me if we finish next year in about 10/12 then that is a big improvement going ahead…

On a final note,and bag me if you like,but only if you understand the game completely,Taylor has improved some of the players very well and they now know what defending is all about,the game against the Roosters for eg,they did defend well,inexperience and a lack of attitude was all that beat them…they beat themselves…
We will be a force to reckon with,but not yet another season or two and we will be right in the money…
This is just my opinion and my thoughts while transgressing through this tough season… :slight_smile:

I was concerned about how our final ladder position would look, mainly because of the loss of Blair, Bodene and Blake without replacements. So I was worried that we could well end up below last years position. But then I guess I bought the hype about Taylor’s plan and ‘up and coming stars’. My prediction put us just outside the 8, and, I guess I was hopeful that we could actually make the 8. I did not believe we would get the spoon.

My expectations weren’t great but, like others, I wanted to see everyone put in each week, which to my mind for the most part has happened. I think we’re simply out-experienced, and outclassed by teams that have managed their finances. Before the season, Jason Taylor made it clear (at least to me) that we had major deficiencies (back row, center) that we couldn’t afford to fix. And here we are.

Go Tigers

If we went back to top five we would all be far more realistic about our expectations. Four true contenders with a place open for another team who earns the right to challenge. At this point Broncs Cowboys Roosters and Souths - true finalists this year and given their rosters - so they should be!Top eight suits the NRL - looks like the competition is even having half the teams making the finals. In saying that hate the thought of running last.

Happy i had hoped we would do better. The thought of receiving the Wooden spoon this season didn’t cross my mind to be honest. 😦
And I certainly didn’t realise, that the club was so crippled financially. Such a disappointment overall. 😦

Thinking about expectations reminds of my own experience when I first started coaching in the Balmain juniors back in 1987. I was assigned an under 7’s side and it was a frustrating season as I tried to get these youngsters to happily understand the basics of the game. I must admit that there were times during this season when I thought about giving coaching away. The next season, 1988, I was given the same players to coach again. As the season progressed I noticed that they had really improved with their attitudes and were showing a lot of ability. So much so that the team finished the season as undefeated premiers. One of the boys in that side was Mark O’Halloran who in later years played first grade for Wests Tigers. I was glad that I made that decision to continue coaching no matter how frustrating my first year of coaching was. Our expectations sometimes take time to come to fruition and this is what Wests Tigers supporters have to keep in mind during this current frustrating season.

I always thought that Taylor is not the right choice, I preferred MP to stay.
So I did not expect better results, however, I didn’t expect so much arrogance and hard-headedness reflected in the team selection and responses to issues during the games.

  • Team selection: ignoring Fine, Akauola, and Funaki, Buchannan instead of Lodge. The best right center in NSW cup last year was not given a single chance, he is better player than Lovett, better defender, and much faster.
  • I am not convinced that S&C has improved, e.g. Simona, Nofoaluma.

Given that the majority of the forum was expecting 10th-13th and we’re at the bottom……clearly yes our expectations were too high

Had we managed to not lose against the Bulldogs and Raiders, we’d be around 13th or 14th…would people still be upset? I think so anyway.

The whole financial thing is, to be honest, more of a concern for me. I can’t believe how mismanaged we’ve been. People should be sued, if it were possible.

Initially would not have been surprised to get the spoon. Then the vibe around the place was so positive I thought with a bit of luck maybe we could make the 8. Then reality set back in.

I think the biggest disappointment is I expected the team to improve so much as the year has gone on. While I do think they have in some ways, as a general rule they certainly aren’t where I thought they would be. When I sit back and look at the inexperienced players we have and the lack of class around them, I guess it shouldn’t surprise too much.

The most bitter pill to swallow of course is the fact we have been told we are not in the market for anyone and won’t be for some time. Hardly gets you enthusiastic about the future.

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I don’t think so - our expectations have been shaped by what the club itself has told us. Their own communications at the start of the year stated that we were to be competing for a spot in the 8. They’ve hyped up Brooks, Moses et al as the next big things (sure - the media has helped with this as well). I understand most of it is just guff to sell memberships etc., but they can’t exactly be surprised when people get upset when stated targets are not as much missed as ignored.

Personally I expected a really tough year, but hoped to see improvement over the back half of the year, leading into a proper challenge for the 8 next year.
I was really impressed with our first month or so, right up until that first bye. Some definite up and down moments, but the defensive resolve and attitude on display (at times) was like nothing we’d seen for years at WT.
Since then it’s been garbage (other than the Souths win), starting with that first Roosters game. We seem to be going backwards in many ways, which is of huge concern.
JT is obviously under a 3 year remit, so I’m happy to give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but if we’re in a similar position this time next year then he’ll need to update his linkedin profile I suspect.

I didn’t have expectations. The club cut some players I was ok to see the back of, one or two I wish we had kept, but I felt like at least this would be a year to start building to something new, to be a different team.

Coming last not the different I wanted, but I couldn’t be sure what this team was capable of. Some games this year you’d think we are a finals side.

I don’t want to come last, but beyond that 9th is only as good as 15th anyway - you didn’t make it. I suppose 2015 puts our habitual 9th in perspective.

I wanted us to show up every week and make it a contest… mid year this really was not happening, but last two weeks we got about 40 minutes of contest against 1st and 2nd position, which is not so bad.

I will have expectations for next year for a substantial improvement. 8th would be my target, maybe I’d cop 9-10th if we had a good dig every game. You can have a bad first year, I get that, but if we come 13th next year you can be sure Taylor will be out on his ear.

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