Wests Tigers to Liverpool’s Carnes Hill ...

Wests Tigers prepare new home at Liverpool’s Carnes Hill in deal with Mayor Ned Mannoun
JULY 29, 2015 12:00AM

LIVERPOOL is set to become Sydney’s new Tiger Town, with the NRL’s Wests Tigers moving to build their home in the fast-growing southwest.

The battling club, now based at Concord, has agreed to partner with Liverpool City Council to develop a $22 million centre of excellence at Carnes Hill. Wests and Liverpool are jointly lobbying for $10 million from the federal government, as well as state funding, to put towards the community facility.

“If the funding comes through, Liverpool is where we will be,” Tigers chairwoman Marina Go told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

The partnership is a win for Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun, who has been competing with Campbelltown to lure the Tigers to the southwest, where an extra 300,000 people are expected to live over the next 20 years.

“This is very exciting to see the Tigers looking towards the future at Liverpool,’’ Mr Mannoun said.

“It would be great for our local kids to be around their heroes and see them training — we don’t have a sports team fully ­engaged with Liverpool.’’

The centre would build momentum for Mr Mannoun’s push for Liverpool to be chosen to site a new 30,000-seat Western Sydney sports stadium in the years ahead. He has also initiated negotiations with the owners of ­England’s famous Liverpool Football Club to one day back an A-League club based in Sydney’s southwest.

Ms Go said the Tigers would continue to split their matches between Campbelltown, Leichhardt and ANZ Stadium at Homebush.

“We would love to get to the point where we do have one home ground but that may or may not be a main stadium,’’ she said.

The centre of excellence — which would include high-­performance facilities as well as community assets like a swimming pool — would be the second stage of the Carnes Hill recreation project.

The first $40 million stage, to be completed next year, ­includes an indoor recreation centre, library, cafe, skate park and outdoor sports courts.

A Sport spokesman said the NSW government would ­continue to work with the NRL on centres of excellence.


Sounds promising. Go Tigers

Very positive news. They gotta sort out the home ground situation tho.

Nice to have something positive to talk about. The club needs a permanent home.

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Reading between the lines from an article last year it looks like the new board are actually making decisions in the best interests of the club. Well done even if the funding does not come through.
Is it a coincidence Balmain lost their votes and we have made our intentions to move West known.

Either way I care about performances and improved facilities are a positive.

By the sound of it, it’s seems only Liverpool and Campbelltown councils were interested in building us a facility. That doesn’t leave us much choice but to move west.

Sounds good, something positive

I like it. WT need this. Hope it happens.

Could be ,might be ,maybe the only problem is there is no money …do not get sucked in this is just more SPIN .The long term survival of this club is defiantly in this region but at the moment when this club is in its worst state in its history many more of these pie in the sky stories will be out there. If I read this morning this was being built with guaranted money well how exciting ,but until then these stories are designed to take the heat of people that have turned our club into a basket case .

I hope this is the only RELOCATION that is spoken about…would be fantastic for the club in general and the Liverpool area…

If by chance this does eventuate the Tigers would be in the middle of the biggest growth centres in the country ,the road works alone that is starting in this area and surrounds has never been undertaken before and throw in a new airport .
This is not a new story has been floating around for some time ,hope that this is the real deal but at present am thinking it is just a convenient pieces that suites certain agendas.

My back yard.I was talking to Ted Mannoun the other night at a local buisness awards function . I asked him about the WT team moving over with a smile on his face said he was trying very hard and would and that we should know something soon.I guess he wasn’t spinning. The location is very central M7, M5, Leppington train station.Its were its all happening with infrastructure and population growth.

I think a smart move!

If the money comes in and this project goes ahead (hopefully in my lifetime) then it will be a good move in the sense that the club will be in the middle of one of Sydney’s growth areas, close to Liverpool but also not far from Campbelltown and a trip along the M5 from inner suburbs isn’t as bad as it may sound in terms of time and distance. Go Wests Tigers!

This should send out a clear message that their is not a hidden adgenda to relocate us. Lets face it the NRL independent board members would be against this move if their was a push from Smith to send us off to Perth or where ever .

As others have said our future is where the young kids and the ermerging population and that is the South West

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