Where has this been all year *Live Thread..

far out. sharp. sexy. amazing!

Go tigers!

Its been in taylors gameplan somewhere

Very slick.

Siro and Lovett need to have a look at the lines Halatau is running. What a champion.

Should be an automatic $1K fine for anyone giving away a penalty on the 4th or 5th tackle. Thats killing us every week.

Otherwise, nice so far.

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How good is it to watch a team who look theyve practiced some attacking plays.

Looking really good. Defence is a bit shoddy atm but holding out

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stuck at work, things are going well?

Good D …will do well to hold out here after 3 penalties on our line

Raiders finally go through, but Tigers did well to hold out for so long

dumb penalties again kill us.

Lovett is a dead set nuffie

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4 blokes can’t lock up the ball carrier 😒

They’ve had plenty of decent ball Canberra but only lead by 2.

Which year was it when we last got a repeat set?

the usual 90% of penalties given on the 4th or 5th tackle. JEBUS!!! idiots, nothing between the ears

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