Dog shot raiders

James Tedesco should walk Into the Raiders dressing room and put one straight on Stuarts chin. Raiders were clearly instructed to dog shot him.

I didn’t mind the Raiders but hate them now.

What a bloody satisfying win that was.

yep never minded the raiders… NOW I WANT THEM TO LOSE ALL THEIR GAMES against sides shieter than ours lol

Don’t care. Teddy handled it well and came up with the game winner for us.

Lol at Tedesco on Triple M post match interview about Boyd.
“Dunno why he didn’t want to pick on any of the big boys”

That’s how Ricky coaches his teams, he’s still got that old school mentality.
I too don’t mind the Raiders but they sure changed my mind tonight.

Feel exactly the same. I liked the Raiders before this game but they were so grubby all night.

They put elbows in on the floor in tackles and they were dog shotting teddy all night. Watching Barnett everytime he runs elbow into the neck

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They bashed us all nite , woodsy dangled the carrot and dumb arse shillington took the bait lol

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Raiders….Melbourne Storm Mark 2…

Newcastle we are on our way!

Can’t win fair, play like a dog.

Well coached Ricky you clown.

Not only do wests win they put a nail in the raiders coffin.

Sweet,sweet win. Bring on the presser!

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raider have always given me the shits. bunch of wankers and cheap shot artists with a first class loser and tool for a coach.

Jimmy had the last laugh…

Ah well, they lost at the end of the day .
So they can keep their tactics up their _________

The icing on the cake will be if Ricky baby loses it in the press conference and scores a $10k fine. In terms of toughness tonight in response to the faiders crub tactics I thought Jesse Sue gave as good as he got.

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