This guy was everywhere for us. So many covering tackles and great hit-ups as well.

He deserves a massive wrap.

Not bad for a 2015 grand final baby.

he has been our best forward for the last couple of weeks, hope we keep him next year.

Really toughed it out tonight, playing with injury but massive commitment.

dene has always been one my favs and bleeds westsigers blood. a true club man who wants another season with the tigers. give him another year tigers, we need his experience with the new guys coming through.

He was outstanding, cant say the same for Lovett…I’ll be filthy if we re-sign him over Halatau.

For a guy his size, he doesn’t shy away from running those courage lines - almost got through on a couple of occasions too.

Turns up time and time again.

We need our bigger (Siro) edge forwards to do the same. Lawrence is good at it.

Yep Halatau is the freakin’ man. He’s arguably in career best form.

Doesnt shy away from hard work which is what we need in our team

With him, Sirro, Sue and CL we look solid

Then we have the punch of Ava, Woods and Marty to shine that off.

He put his body on the line over and over.

Halatau deserves another Year.

For mine it’s no coincidence that our game (Defence) has improved with Dene starting on the right edge.

Im glad someone started this thread as the guy deserves the kudos for our turn around of late.

I have never been a fan, but agree that he is close to career best form. Good onya Dene!

'05 Dean, I’ll never forget!

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