He is now really playing some top class football

Every run is high quality, he is now starting to be given the ball a little earlier before the line which is making hime more dangerous. He makes great meters after contact and in defence they avoid him but when he hits he hits prob better then anyone in our pack

Great game tonight and has been playing great since he came back from injury

Well done

Starting to show what he can do getting better by a the week.

His game has improved a lot, suited to the back row but I wish he had a faster clone as a centre.

Great Footy Smarts too… He knew we needed to grind it out in the middle and kept taking us back there.

A full off season could bare some interesting fruit for the Tigers and Curtis?!

Definitely the neck surgery has helped.

He’s doing a lot of the dirty work, and doing it well. Just hope he stays fit and healthy all of next season.

He just looks comfortable

Like Steve Smith Batting

Yep games without injury in a row is all it takes. He and Noffa are starting to shine.

Great game from Siro. Sue ,KG… And Dean. Woods long minutes.
Big effort from our forwards against a big Hungry pack.
Yeah. Siro is starting to look like a real class player

Looks the goods at present and should get a lot better

And all this without Taupau and Lawrence. Good work by Sironen.

I was on this bloke’s back thinking he was taking far too long to progress. Hats off though he was very good tonight and has been for weeks.

Thought it was his best game to date…

Was super, used better as well with some nice ball playing as well. Made that edge more dangerous.

wait until there is a speedster outside simona… they can all just jam in and get simona and teddy and we’re gone coz they know patty wont do much

sironen has always showed signs… need more and more of him like this.

wonder why he’s always playing 80

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