Are we actually capable of contending in 2016?

I feel the last month or so we have seen that we might actually have found a balance to really contend next year. Moses has started to come on, Tedesco outrageous…

I feel like we actually may just have a side that can truly contend. Check it…

1. Tedesco
2. Nofoaluma
3. Simona
4. Chee Kam
5. Naqaima
6. Moses
7. Brooks
8. Woods
9. Farah
10. Seumanufagai
11. Lawrence
12. Halatau
13. Marty

14. Sue
15. Lodge
16. Sironen
17. Horses for courses

I just hope we don’t let anyone else go and just choose to use these guys. I think Chee Kam is actually a masterstroke signing as a centre for us.

We need to unearth a big scary son for that 17 jumper though. Someone who does what Boyd does for Canberra. Any names come to mind?

A little bit too far ahead of ourselves at the moment. We’re still way behind the Broncos, Cowboys and Roosters. If we played them next week, I still think they’d hand us a rugby league lesson.

17. Lamar Liolevavae ?

Can’t see us contending for the grand final just yet, however I can see us easily winning more games then we lose and should finish in the top 8 comfortably (similarly to the sharks this season).

2017 is the year I would expect us to be serious contenders with Moses (23), Brooks (23), Teddy (25), Nofo (24), Simona (25), Naqaima (26), etc. becoming genuine first graders and in their prime. No excuses in 2017.

A lot will also depend on our recruitment also, which should improve with our salary cap hopefully all fixed up by then.

It is very exciting though !

Well to answer the question, YES
Based on the last 2 SOLID games we can be easily in the top 8 in 2016

They were 2 different games
Against the Storm we displayed attacking flai
Against the Raiders we showed some good defensive traits

Next year we will DEFINATELY surprise a lot more of the powerhouse teams,we have the skill,talent potential and most of all the right coach for this young team…

1. James Tedesco
2. David Nofoaluma
3. Kevin Naiqama
4. Marion Seve
5. Tim Simona

6. Mitchell Moses
7. Luke Brooks

8. Martin Taupau
9. Robbie Farah
10. Aaron Woods
11. Dene Halatau
12. Curtis Sironen
13. Jesse Sue

14. Michael Chee kam
15. Matt Lodge
16. Ava Seamunafangi
17. Whoever earns it.

Michael Chee Kam is a must in the backrow with the reduced interchange, can play long minutes, see how he goes. Lawrence seems to be moved on but time will tell.

With the reduced interchange it will play into our hands with the roster we have, but we are still way behind teams like the Chooks. One really qualiy signing could make a massive difference,but I think bottom of the eight would be a realistic goal and from their anything can happen

Chee Kam is fast and not actually that big. He has looked excellent in the centres for Manly in the past fortnight and that’s where we are most deficient. I’d definitely be putting him in the centres, but that’s just me.

I guess it depends on where Lawrence ends up, if we keep him or not. I hope we do keep him.

Of those teams posted, Lovett does a job and is needed. Also Dallas Graham into the prop rotation plus Peni in the backs.

The Nucleus is there….

Other Teams will improve get worse as well…just hoping to finish this season strongly with confidence going into the pre-season important for this young team…

Sucks a very poor mid- season cost us Finals Footy again…


Lovett does a job and is needed.

Lovett is needed like a drill to the head.

If we’re talking contending for the premiership, no chance. Top 8? Definitely.
Keef is a loss for us but Ava and Sue have really come along in the last few weeks. Like Milky I’d be pushing Marty back to prop and keep Sue at lock, and I’m really looking for the impact that Chee Kam and Dallas Graham could bring.

1. Tedesco
2. Nofoaluma
3. Simona
4. Chee Kam/Peni, Heleta, Seve (in that order)
5. Naiqama
6. Moses
7. Brooks
8. Woods
9. Farah
10. Taupau
11. Lawrence/Sironen
12. Halatau
13. Sue
14. Seumanufagai
15. Lodge
16. Graham
17. Sironen/Chee Kam

If Lawrence stays I’d have Chee Kam in the centres and Sirro off the bench, but if he’s moved on I’d have MCK to the bench with Peni getting the nod on age alone at this point really. Haven’t seen much of any of the centres but I’ll take the extra experience and I think Heleta’s strong line running could be an instant asset.

Ridiculous what a couple of wins does. You win 2 in a row to get off the bottom of the table and now the attention turns to whether we can win a premiership next yr.

Take small steps. Can make the 8 is a much more appropriate question.

These are the kinds of threads that opposition supporters would break into fits of laughter seeing. Win a couple games and suddenly you’re premiership contenders.

Lol a month ago you wanted someone,anyone to just shoot you now….whilst lamenting a probable spoon and a bleak few years to follow.

Now after a couple of wins and you have us winning the whole show next year 😆

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