Shillington free to play

David Shillington and Joseph Leulia have been charged following Wests Tigers’ Round 22 win over the Canberra Raiders on Monday night at GIO Stadium.

Shillington was sent off for a head-butt on Aaron Woods in the final minute of last night’s match, but incredibly, can escape suspension this week with an early guilty plea.

Leilua will miss one match with an early guilty plea following his shoulder charge on Kyle Lovett in the 61st minute, or two weeks if he fights the charge and loses.

No Wests Tigers players were charged from the match, with New Zealand international forward Martin Taupau still sidelined for one more week from his earlier suspension.

How can Marty get 3 weeks for one swinging arm that bounced off the shoulder into the head and this bloke throws 2 headbutts and a couple of punches and gets NOTHING?! Wtf NRL…

Just read the article myself.
So you’re suspended for a shoulder charge or for throwing a punch but if you throw a couple of dog act headbutts in you get off scott free. The NRL judiciary has gone mad. :crazy
I can see another memo from the nrl to the clubs going out this week! :blah

So I am guessing unless the headbutt causes serious damage to your opponent, the grading will stay the same. I can just see this tactic being used by the Rorters, Storm and Manly in matches ahead to unsettle the opposition in a tight finish.

Pretty much what you would expect from the NRL judiciary these days, an absolute joke. How can Willie get a week for what was just a bump with no forward momentum in it whatsoever and Shillo The Pillow gets off scot-free. He is useless anyway so the Raiders were probably hoping that he would get rubbed out so they wouldn’t have to select him for the rest of the season.

I suppose being injured for 3 years has seen his penalties lower

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Worst headbutt I’ve ever seen !

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@Tiger Watto:

I suppose being injured for 3 years has seen his penalties lower

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In what way Watto? Surely throwing a couple of headbutts and a few punches warrants at least a week in these politically correct times in the NRL (even though none of them landed). Would hate to think what Taupau would have got for doing that, they would of thrown the book at him.

Im astonished……i thought possibly gone for the year and not one week??

The bloke lost the plot…swinging headbutts and fists…unprovoked and he gots nada.

I dont get it…

It’s crazy to think that Brooks missed a week earlier in the season for a bit of niggle, where this was a genuine headbutt and the bloke gets off?

love the consistency of the NRL……

Wait what???


This has to be a mistake!

The Precedent has been set now, two headbutts will get you a send off but you can play next week.

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I’m so glad our boys ruined the party for him 😆

Ohh wow.No fists boys use your head :crazy

Shame on NRL for giving mixed messages

And Dave Smith wonders why the crowds are dying and the game is on the slide

Bad refereeing, even worse and inconsistent judiciary

Wake up mate, and you wonder why the game is suffering… People are pissed off, thats why

And outcomes like this make people angry

Seriously, this was nothing…send off sufficient.
In saying that most of the MRC charges are ludicrous, Willie masons was nothing more than a hug…the entire thing is a farce really

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