Suaia Matagi Rumour?

latest rumour going around Wests Tigers are a chance to sign Matagi,any truth?? The Pom might know please.

Well he has only played the one game with the Roosters this season and is only signed for this year so wouldn’t be a shock.

Really would be another decent signing for us. Exactly what we need in a number 17.

Great player, Fittler and Johns were giving him a wrap about his work rate and fitness saying he could play the full 80 for a big man which is rare to find and with the extended bench is crucial. Would be a fantastic signing

I saw the rumour on Ali’s Latest rumours on Facebook apparently either us or Dragons

Would fill the void of the bench 17 which we are looking for

Good signing if true hard as nails.

Well he only joined them im may 2015
Somehow i think there is a lot happening with this bloke

At the same time he would be a plus for us if there is any coin around to sign anyone

Do we even have money to travel to interstate games and to NZ

Ah yeah another rumour. And from a source with a pathetic record. Social media has a lot of benefits but any dart thrower can call themselves a rumour page and just talk crap. I’ll wait for a better quality source first.

Sign him! Would be another smart signing….

but but but…it’s on Facebook…

THE POM said Ikahifo is coming…
I heard from RELIABLE SOURCE - we’re getting Charlie Gubb.

God knows!

I heard this today from a guy I work with who knows the S&C coach in the NSW team…. Klemmer is almost certain to play for WT in 2017 if he knocks back the Dogs…how much fact there is to this I can’t vouch… But I do know the guy didn’t make it up…

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Much prefer Matagi over Gubb.

His name alone has got some tang to it
Bit like red deli chupz

Now he would be a really good signing….a bigger version of Sam Moa. I would be really happy if this came off…much better impact off the bench than what we already have

After the Chee Kam signing ive got faith in the club to sign the right kind of fringe players. If they like Matagi or Grubb or Ikahifo whoever ill trust they got their man.

Personally i like Matagi and would sign him in a minute.

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