Timmy Simona

Didn’t get to watch the game last night but managed to have a listen on triple m. At one stage Simona was in the clear but was chased down by the raiders fb. With recent talk of him losing his pace, did he show any glimpses of having regained any last night? I think last night is the first time he has been in the some space for a while now.

he definitely has slowed down in pace… hasn’t lost his ability to break tackles or smartness though. he’s a keeper.

jack wighton is very quick though- he outsped tedesco during our try from the 20m. this kid is very good.

Wighton would be up their with the quickest in the comp, he was the fastest on the field last night.

I thought he would’ve made it if he pinned the ears back. He’s still very quick

Simona definitely could wait to offload as soon as he got in the clear….lacks confidence to back himself

Disappointed as I thought he was still a chance of getting there. It was tackle 1 so he should never ever have kicked it.

With us pace, he strikes me like Jennings. Very quick acceleration but it dies down after 40m or so.

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Wighton was chasing down Simona at the same rate he was chasing down Tedesco. Difference was Simona kicked it in field whereas Teddy had a crack and made it. Simona would have made it if he hadn’t tried to put it on for Tedesco. It’s a low percentage play that he needs to stop doing. He actually could have offloaded it to Tedesco where he was tbh.

I think he may have lost a little pace but the games where he outsped people and went the length he wasn’t up against noted speedsters either.

Teddy > Wighton up to 40m

Wighton > Teddy 40m+

To me he’s looked slow all year since back in the Auckland nines. Doubt the ankle injury he’s carrying helps much either. Hopefully a big offseason can get him back to full speed because if it does no way will wighton be catching him again.

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Wighton is fast mate. He’d be faster than full fledged Timmy I reckon.

Simona broke two tackles (one was piss weak) before he started sprinting. Wighton was already in full flight. If Simona backed himself he was probably close to making it but seeing as he wasn’t really full clear and had people breathing down his neck he didn’t think he would make it.

I agree that it was a stupid idea to kick but geez…Teddy came very close to putting that down.

Simona is carrying a pretty serious ankle injury. Be grateful he can run……

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Even though he’s not 100%…he’s playing well. He chimes into a fast moving backline.


Teddy > Wighton up to 40m

Wighton > Teddy 40m+

This is spot on.

Wighton would have to be the quickest player over more than 40m in the game. He is a running machine.

Tedesco has blinding acceleration and Simona is pacey but both only up to 40m.

Teddy gets to his top speed probably as fast as anyone in the comp , but his top line speed wouldn’t put him in the top 10 players in the comp

I reckon if we could of reached through the TV on Monday Night most would of strangled Simona when he kicked for Teddy on tackle one LOL

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