Thank you Wests tigers

A big thank you to Robbie Farah , Kieth Galloway, Ava seumanufagai for coming out to Ronald McDonald House Westmead. The players meet and chatted to children and parents , signed football and shirts & jerseys . Also cooked a lovely bbq meal for all . The Wests Tigers players then meet my son i called Tiger after all support the club and players gave my family support in 2002 to 2004 mainly Robbie farah & skando . Iam the father of Brendan Thompson some off you will remember . My son Kieren meet Robbie Farah and they chatted for a least 25 minutes . Kieren is suffering a rare Brain tumur , hes is only the 3rd person in the world with this condition . This really made my family happy . Many Thanks guys and the Wests Tigers for your time coming out .

Great to hear this news tigerdad thanks for posting…best of health to your son…

well done WTs and all the best to you and your family Tigerdad,prayers and thoughts are with you….


nice vest Robbie~

Well done boys.

Hope your young fella enjoyed the day Tigerdad, and I also hope he’s on the mend soon.

Great work and all for a good cause.

Puts everything into perspective.

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Great work boys

Good to see Robbie’s restaurant skills didn’t go to waste

That’s fantastic Tigerdad.
What a wonderful response from the players! I know that following the Wests Tigers isn’t always easy, (O.K, it’s never easy), but the truest values of what most of hold dear are always on display by this club when they are most needed. Well done to the club, well done to you Tigerdad, and bless your little man!

Great post! Well done Tiges. Well done Farah and Co

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Well done fellas. This is great stuff.

How good is that …… Puts everything into perspective allright.

thank you tigerdad for sharing this story and putting it on the forum. the kids at westmead wouild have had a great time with the players and absolutely made their day .
all the best tigerdad to you and your family. robbie,keith and ava really are terrific ambassadors for the weststigers. well done boys

Thanks for sharing tiger dad

hope it put a smile on ur sons face, and i hope things get better for him and ur family. footballers cop plenty for bad behaviour but they also bring get joy to sick kids, well down boys.

Tiger dad best wishes for your son’s recovery.

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