Taylor not to blame this week

Fair dinkum average effort in a bludger of a game.

That loss is all on the players.
Terrible handling
Questionable defence - despite the in goal holdups.
No direction out on the field.
Looked slow in everything we did.

Just a bunch of headless chooks today. Nothing came off for them.

One positive was the effort shown by the bench who were forced to play big minutes. Nothing special in attack but tried hard and made a lot of tackles.

Quietest game from Teddy this season. Should have worn his footy boots instead of thongs.

That was the sort of ugly loss you would normally put down to “one of those days…we’ll be better next week”. Unfortunately it was a pretty important game for us in good conditions in front of a home crowd. Still don’t think we will get the spoon but geeze…we should have won that.

Stryker don’t you know that it is the coaches fault when a team loses and the players, when they win

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No apparently Robbie is.

The first half was high quality from both sides. We started like we were going to put 50 on them.

Second half the Knights flew up on us all half. Buderus said in the coverage that he expected us to tire and with no Woods and no Halatau for the second half there just was nothing in the legs to get us over the advantage line regularly. The backs had very little to play off in the second half with no go forward yet still managed to create a try that was overturned despite it being a try and the Knights had to throw everything at us to beat us. The Knights deserved that win but the Tigers shouldn’t be upset and nor should you be my friend.

Newcastle needed that win bad, played like it and had everything go their way and still only beat us with a try in the final minute after having seen us get one disallowed that should have been awarded. Chin up mate.

Agree on Tedesco but that aside he was still our best player hahaha.

I agree with the op but the players deserve a hammering based on that effort.


I agree with the op but the players deserve a hammering based on that effort.

you feeling OK? feeling numb down one side of your body? difficulty speaking, not slurring or anything?



I agree with the op but the players deserve a hammering based on that effort.

you feeling OK? feeling numb down one side of your body? difficulty speaking, not slurring or anything?

I’m okay but thanks for asking.

I only saw the last 15 minutes but what I saw we looked pretty clueless in attack and our handling was poor. Losing Woods and Halatau meant the second half was going to be a matter of attrition and Newcastle’s defence looked alright. Hopefully we can bounce back next week.

Backing up from a Monday night game with a reduced interchange in the second due injuries was always going to be a tough assignment. We struggled most of the game to make much headway partly due to a very good Knights defence and partly due to both our no9 and no7 had average games

It was a terrific defensive effort all round. They spent the vast majority if the second half inside our thirty meter line, while we were always working it away from our try line. The loss of Woods and Halatau meant we had no thrust in the middle of the field.

Their first try came from the most obviously milked penalty when Gidley deliberately fell on the Tigers defender when he should have played the ball. It should have been a penalty to The Tigers. And the penalty against Lovett for not standing straight at marker when he prevented a try was ridiculous.

Referee for the comeback, and the NRL gets a contest for the wooden spoon, better for ratings.

It is not long now until the humiliation will be over 3 more weeks!

like hell he is not to blame, i blame him for rising oil prices, the cost of beer, the cold weather i even blame him for me getting older and last but not least for not backing a winner today. so yes he is to blame theres no doubt about it.

Knights line speed blunted us in the second half - forwards lost momentum and backs did not manage to come up with another way around.

We really have to stop being a team that opens with a strong 20, follows with an average 20, then concludes with a weak 40. Otherwise we’ll lose more than half our games again next year.

I thought the defence was really good today. Two of the tries they scored were a bit lucky and we had one disallowed, which I thought could have been given because I thought it wasn’t put down simultaneously (although close).

We also had two of our best and experienced forwards off for much of the game and Kev looks to be playing busted.

You’ll lose those games more often than not, but I thought we could have held onto the ball a bit when we were behind and given ourselves a slim chance, but they’ll learn from that.

Bad luck today, but we were resilient in defence and that’s a positive for sure.

Taylor needs to be held to account for the way we came out after halftime… The language of the boys was terrible, lacked energy and no one chose to provide direction. At a guess, we felt we could beat them and were simply going through the motions.

The Knights were an average team, but we gave them a reason to keep coming and belief they could win. We scrambled well in defense, but with no direction from Robbie & Luke we simple couldn’t build anything.

We do this too often, and I see this as a preparation problem.

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