Winning the Easy games

Firstly we didn’t win them and we wern’t often unlucky but for next season it gives me hope

We have 7 wins - top 4 has 13 wins

We should have beaten the Dogs and Raiders when we had big leads in both

We have won only 2 from 6 (so 4 more losses) by 12 points or less to the other 3 teams in the bottom 4
Knights - 10 and 6
Gold Coast - 7
Eels - 12

We also lost o Manly by 10 and Cowboys by 8 , Warriors by 10 all reasonable close

The first 6 games above we could have won and in most cases could have won with two ket things - a little bit more experience and a better right side defence. Next year we will have more epxerience and from what I can see a better right side defence then Milone and Lovett

Winning just 3 of those would have us in the 8 at the moment. So we may feel a long way off but compared to the 2 years before where our losses were floggings this year we have stayed close most weeks and next year I see us making the top 8

I see us missing the top 8 every year until we have depth in our squad. That’s our biggest problem. A few injuries or whatever and you’ve got Lovett Milone Buchanan Santi as your replacements 😕 And it looks like we are going to be losing all of those players at the end of the year


No NRL game is easy…

The Knights seemed to do it easy yesterday GEO….especially when we had them on the ropes early…

The Refs make it harder than what it should be…some pretty ordinary calls yesterday…

Until the roster is bolstered to have a pack of forwards that can compete for the full 80 the bottom of the ladder is where this team will call home .Yesterdays game was never going to be easy one look at there pack including reserves said it all that was a good experienced forward pack …enter the Weststigers plodders nuff said!

We were never going to replace the hole left by Aaron Woods yesterday .

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