Goal kicker next season!

Hasn’t been discussed (i think) so thought I might bring it up

Moses or sironen
Hopefully patty has been mentoring them although he’s goal kicking has been slightly off this season.
I’d love to see either perfect a patty kickoff special!

I’d guess Moses will kick

Heard Teddy being interviewed last Monday night say Patty’s been teaching him the kick offs. Didn’t say anything about goal kicking though

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Id guess it would be either Moses or brooks

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Moses for sure.

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I’m pretty sure I saw an interview with pat that he said jason taylor taught him how to kick when he was at the eels.

Moses should have been our kicker this year even with Pat here

Moses is well composed and will take up the goal kicking if we dont sign Cameron Smith

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Moses is quite a good goal kicker so I would presume he would be it .

Prefer Mitcell to be gathering his thoughts or barking instructions to the rest of the side whilst someone else takes the shots, but if no one else is near his standard then he is the man

Moses will be our goalkicker.

Moses for sure, the more responsibility you give him the better he will get.

Moses without a doubt, he has kicked when Patty was previously out injured.


Moses for sure, the more responsibility you give him the better he will get.

I think you’re right Supercoach - he seems the kind of kid that will relish the opportunity to play an even bigger role.

apparently tim simona is a pretty handy goal kicker too

i’ll def go with moses… he’s quite accurate and now also has the mass to punt it from over 40 which he couldn’t do last year imo

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