Taylor and his boys deserve it .

The SPOON and I will wait in anticipation of his sacking mid season next year,this team is the most pathetically coach team in the NRL and probably Weststigers HISTORY.

Well we were disappointing!

Couldn’t agree more Snake. Truly pathetic and nothing to show for 2015 that’ll help in 2016.

Think this should have been started after the Melbourne game for more impact…

I hate to agree. But they play with no structure ,discipline and at times no pride. Under Jason Taylor we are light years away from being a top8 team. What was wrong with our play leading up to Rd20 last year when we were 5th?When will Robbie admit that a)he got Potter sacked
b)it was a huge mistake.
We are a rabble

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Resign now Jason Taylor you are a fake.


Resign now Jason Taylor you are a fake.

Resign or Re-Sign…?

Think about it…I know its hard to think when emotional and angry

How do we afford to pay him out? …and then pay another coach?

Good coaches cost heaps, hed be on bugger all…like Potter…we cannot get good players, were stuck with an average coach…nothing will change but if it does i cant see it being for mush better, just for changes sake

At the half way mark of the season Taylor said we would win more than we lost over the rest of the season.Since then we are 3-7 another classic piece of waffle from taylor

I thought the titans and knights were worse teams throughout the year and deserved the spoon more than we did. Until I watched that today.

Sitting in the garage in Newcastle having a beer and listening to the tiger’s the last few weeks and most of the year really wrecks your weekend. Either our player’s aren’t up to it or the coach has no idea. I say bye bye Taylor. He has a full year with hardly any injuries and except for 1 game a month we don’t compete. It drives me mad but I could never go for the Knights so come on tigers show some heart and energy and get stuck in the last 2 ganes. You owe it to the supporters.

Harry Triguboff will pay him out with his Milk money.

He can take Farah with him.

Add Kidwell also

People keep saying League is a results driven business. If that’s so, Taylor simply has to go. He may or may not have ability as a coach but he clearly isn’t connecting with our players. Of course, the problem then is we can’t really afford to pay him out the remaining 2 years of his current deal. If somehow he does leave without breaking us financially, why not hire a young gun like Todd Payten who at least knows the guys, won’t cost the earth, is doing well as an assistant to Paul Green at the Cows and has won a GF with our 20’s a few years ago

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