Maggies Ron Massey Cup

Just going back through recent results. Looks like they’ve had a crap year but they’ve won 4 on the trot to be just 2 points out of the finals even though they’re third last.

Some interesting names feature prominently on scoresheets down there. Blake Lazarus, Wayde Dunley and Shannon Gallant are in there but one that really caught my eye was Sama Sauvao. I remember he was in the Tigers setup that made the NYC grand final that Jake Mullaney, Simon Dwyer and Robert Lui were in. I haven’t heard a peep from him in years? Does anyone have anything on where he went? I always thought he was a very good chance at first grade back in those days, both him and Faleula Finau He’d be 25 or 26 now.

How’s the Balmain RMC side going?..…

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