How long has Taylor got

With a board asking club stalwarts to move on how long has Taylor got to get his act together .I see a real desire by the club to turn things around and in a big way ,we have seen this today so how long has Taylor got? IMO there is a lot more at play than a salary cap issue!

Well if he runs last again next year it will be curtains.

He came in bullish about his game plans and defensive structure. And in Round 24 there we are conceeding 40 points to the might of the Sharks with our full strength side.

Load of hot air.

As long as it takes the white anters to do their job……I’m pretty sure some are still lurking in the shadows…hang on one has been moved on apparently…

If there’s not huge improvement over the next 12 months he’ll be gone, and deservedly so.

Next year is his last chance.
A good off season and start to the year will see him well but if nothing changes he will be gone mid 2016.

9-12 months, depending on results.

It wouldn’t make sense to punt Taylor mid season 2016. He has just tinkered with his roster and begun a mass clean out. He needs a chance to sign some players of his liking before anyone wields the axe. It would make no sense giving him control of the roster and sacking him for poor results after a clean out. The process would start again with a new coach coming in and inheriting a roster that he doesn’t want and we’d find ourselves in a Parramatta like downward spiral of sackings and signings.

At least another 2 yrs. Anyone who thinks he won’t see out his contract is in denial

If he gets to recruit before next year he’ll have 12 months to make it work with his own cattle.

If not, he’ll see out his contract.

Yeah…I’m sure he has an ironclad contract.

Of course he will see it out.

Our history of honouring said contracts is first class!

He will mostly probably see it out cause there is no cash anyway to pay him out that would be the only reason to keep him around .
What positive’s would you take out from his Coaching this year ? That he moved Lawrence to the 2nd Row is the only thing i can think off.
Our halfs combination is still disorientated , our go forward is laughable and our game plans is ……

I actually think he will see out his contract regardless of where they finish next year.

i think is already half hour over his alloted time.

@bp tiger:

i think is already half hour over his alloted time.

He should be paying us now 😆

If the club are allowing this to happen to Farah, before doing anything to Taylor, they will surely see out Jason Taylor’s contract. Wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

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