NRL 360 tonight

Just watch a very interesting segment on NRL 360 tonight about the Tigers talking to Robbie management about this issue 6 weeks ago.
Quick break down -
Robbie management ask the club not to tell Robbie until they had found him a new club.
No club has come forward.
Robbie start to figure something was up a few weeks ago and the club told him after the Raiders game.
The club try to keep it quite to the media but the media found out so they came out straight away.
Robbie does not get on with Taylor (Potter must be laughing now)
Club would rather they paid him 500,000 a year and not be at the club.
Robbie does not get on with younger players, not all of them but some.
Assuming one of these is Moses as they did report in the Sportal site today he was looking at getting a release because of certain players.
Hopefully l haven’t miss any thing

Well that puts a new twist on things, souths would be sitting in wait for the tigers to cave and pay a huge chunk of his wage, that would be a huge mistake from the club if they allow it.

Segment just after that also mentioned a WT player will be going to the Broncos but wont announce it till after the season.

Sounds like Robbie doesn’t get on with anyone.

PK said no NRL clubs interested in Farah, but Leeds in the ESL are despite Ayoub saying otherwise

Bengal Tiger - I think you will find it is a young foward

Not surprised at all no club wants Farah.


Sounds like Robbie doesn’t get on with anyone.

“Toys thrown out of the cot”…ring a bell…

@tuff tiger:

Bengal Tiger - I think you will find it is a young foward

Salesi Funaki??? As reported earlier in the year on the forum.

Replay just started again - All about Farah

Paul Kent Quote: Farah doesnt sit well with his teammates

If Moses is looking for a release see ya later.

No we have the kids taking over the classroom.

Sticking with these two young halves will bring the club into ruin.

Imagine him in a few years time at the club.

Who is this guy!

This mob ain’t a football club, they’re just a bloody soap opera!

How could it be Moses? Robbie called for Moses to be in first grade! And I see a lot of photos of them together (and the other big 3- Brooks & Teddy) together on FB and instagram. I dunno…

Moses and a Teddy have to be without doubt the club’s only real hopes for future.

Along with Woods and Taupau if we can keep them all.

I don’t like the idea of paying 500k or even 100k for a player to be playing elsewhere at all.

Why would any other club not also back end a new contract if they knew we’d be covering the first two years?

If he’s causing trouble surely he can be disciplined and contract cut completely if necessary if he doesn’t pull his head in.

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