Funny phone ringtones

Do you have any:
mine are put on for fun and laughter.
for my wife, Darth vader theme from star wars
for another person: hogans heroes theme
for a mate, a cheech & chong one. Its very similar to the tune of my sharona. 😆

I had Homer singing Mr Plow,didnt keep it for long….it was off putting… I kept thinking there was some bloke in the house when the phone first rang

I don’t know how true this is , but I heard the WT’s players at the time arranged for Chris Heighington to have his 2005 GF interview with Matty Johns as his own ring tone

I’ve got the wrestling intro music of the rock, when I get a call the phone belts out “if you smell what the rock is cooking!!!”

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I have the whistle track from Kill Bill….
Sounds neat.

Law & Order bow bow for messages.

I have Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir as my ringtone
I also have the Dr Who theme as a ringtone

The Fart-sneeze combo as my message tone
My backup message tone is Yoda

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