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Wondering what the majority on this forum believe should happen on this whole Robbie Farah saga? A lot of people are still sitting on the fence on this one whether they want him to stay or go. There also seems to be more to this drama every day.

I’d love to see the results out of this and add them up in weeks time. A simple ‘STAY’ or ‘GO’.

Remember everyone is entitled to their opinion on the matter.

I’ll kick it off - STAY

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If you are going to do a poll …I fixed it…


If you are going to do a poll …I fixed it…

The poll’s fixed?

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everything is these days cq,its just a matter of who needs fixing the most…

I don’t know what I want Robbie to do to be honest

But I reckon he might stay , I reckon he might take JT and the board on

He can’t lose , he still gets his money and Daley has guaranteed him an SOO spot

Is there the tiniest chance the club have done this to re motivate Farah ??

He seemed relaxed , people friendly and a different person on Sunday

Stay please.

I respect that there is a compelling argument for him to be moved on, but I personally would prefer him to stay.

Robbie won’t you stay with us. I don’t want you to leave! 😦


Sack Taylor Now !

Wrong Poll…

Let him play 1 final year, go out on he’s terms as a 1 club player. As they say never write off a champion!

Before all this i was more than happy for him to stay.

Now this has happened, i think more damage will be done if he stays, so id like him to move on.

Im not saying he caused it all and im not apportioning blame, but i think its best to go. It can only hurt his reputation, further hurt the club and maybe its best. I cant see it being better if he stayed. Sorry.

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I picked stay, no way i pick stay this time last year.

Happy for him to be moved on though as long as Taylor and Go are as well.

As bad as the decision has been to some, the board will make themselves look completely subservient if they back track now. They need to weather the storm of emotion and simply ride it out. Yes, there might be short term pain from losing memberships, but if they truly believe we are better off without him, supporters will come back when we are successful. Yes fans are upset, but they’ll be back. You don’t lose your passion for a club over one player being told to move on. If you do, well you probably shouldn’t have been supporting the club in the first place.

This is their first major decision as a board, how weak will they look if they are too frightened by the public backlash. Supporters aren’t shareholders, they have no stakes except emotion. As i said you might lose a few dollars in the short run, but you’ll make them tenfold down the road if the decision is a success when the same supporters who left come back. Farah needs to go for the sake of the board. It’s sad, but they can’t back down now.

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