Same same but different ? JT'ing it !


A look back to 2009. Read with interest.

Mark Ellison was popular with Souths players. Taylor was not. Taylor sacked him but Ellison was
re-hired by John Lang who took over from Taylor. Ellison is now Football Manager under Maguire. What do we make of that? Taylor was under pressure and there was a rumour of a player revolt. Read between the lines.

The Rovere Report
Written by: Adrian Rovere
June 18th 2009 12:16 AM


If there is a coach whose “under the pump” more than Jason Taylor at South Sydney than I’d like to know who. For the quality of the roster, the Rabbitohs are the most under-performing team in the competition and the head coach should be held accountable.

The combination of curious selections and even more curious match tactics, has severely dimmed the confidence of Souths’ supporters who went into the season feeling their side were genuine title contenders after solid recruitments over the off-season and the bonus of picking up star backrower Michael Crocker.

Former player and radio personality Peter Tunks has been highly critical of Taylor’s coaching methods and calls from Souths’ fans to his show, Talkin Sport on 2SM, suggests the ground swell of discontent is growing by the week.

Tunks says the suprise sacking of assistant coach Mark Ellison - considered part of the fabric at the Rabbitohs - was he felt an indication that Taylor was unwilling to take ownership for his team’s poor performances and a style of play which the former Test prop says badly lacking in imagination.

Souths’ “tragic” Darren, a regular caller to the Talkin Sport program who travels to games as far away as Townsville, has been another vocal critic of Taylor’s handling of his beloved club.

With a forward talent full of internationals and a backline boasting both speed and talent, anything less than a semi-final’s berth and it can be considered a failed season by the Rabbitohs leaving many questions to be asked of the club.

And the one at the top of the list should be:- "Is Jason Taylor the coach who can bring us a premiership within the next two years?

If the team misses out on the Top Eight, it won’t by just Peter Tunks and Darren whose unequiviocal answer to that question will be a definitive "no’.

reposting this to merely show there is a pattern……

Surely an article from 2009 that’s been posted in two other threads doesn’t need a thread of its own.

Regardless what people on here think about the Farah situation I’m pretty sure the majority of us don’t think JT is the one to be our saviour.

Some might like him and others may despise him but the majority don’t have faith in him or his coaching abilities.

This is the same Adrian that harasses the Big Sports Breakfast and Talkin’ Sport.

He’s a nuffy.


Surely an article from 2009 that’s been posted in two other threads doesn’t need a thread of its own.

You are 100% correct…

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