Round 4 Wests Magpies V Fake Magpies

Round 4 Sides as per


1 George Keppa
2 Gus Aiga
3 Andrew Everingham
4 Josh Davis
5 Rhys Pritchard
6 Ben Falcone
7 Nathan Waters
8 Duan Poaneki
9 Chris Corby
10 Andrew Pearn
11 Jamie Sharkie
12 Josh Davis
13 Dean Rysko

14 Kurt Kara
15 Alex Ranieri
16 Michael Stolk
17 Gareth Morton

*Davis listed twice???


1 Tom Humble
2 Etu Uaisele
3 Tim Mortimer
4 Johnathan Wright
5 Domenic Nasso
6 Mark O’Grady ©
7 Brendan Waters
8 Pele Peletelese
9 Anthony Mitchell
10 Mitchell Allgood
11 Danny Howard
12 Taniela Lasalo
13 Tim Robinson

14 Trent Rose
15 Karl Filiga
16 Nathan Armit
19 Mark Luland
20 Luke Young
Coach: Brett Kenny

it’s his twin brother…i think you’ll find the centre will be daniella…

Still no Akeripa either.

i spoke to akepira at the game last week, hes was on the bench but told me he’d only play the final 10 mins if we were up on points,but stated he’d be right for this weekends game.??

I see Karl Filiga on the bench for Wenty. He’s the bloke who Cronulla shelled out some big cash for isn’t he?

Yeah. Massive money.

Well done Sharkies

Karl Filiga, 20, has left the Sharks on compassionate grounds, his once-promising NRL career in tatters.

Filiga left the Bulldogs in late 2007 to sign a massive three-year deal with Cronulla worth $200,000 a season.

But he played just 11 minutes of first grade during a 2008 match against Penrith in round 13.

That is equivalent to $20,000 a minute in the NRL.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal that Sharks chief executive Tony Zappia and coach Ricky Stuart now have $400,000 in their salary cap chequebook to splash out on a marquee player this year.

Given Sharks luck in these things he’ll probably be playing 1st grade for Parra by the end of the year and getting less than $20000 a season…

Compassionate grounds? What everyone was bagging him out for costing heaps and delivering stuff all? Sounds like he called for the whaambalance…

Wouldn’t read to much into the team named as it always changes during the week. Cayless, Moors or Fitzhenry, Akeripa and Daniella could be the late inclusions. Stolk will more than likely miss this game.

well ill be there tomorrow cheering for the MAGPIES. 😕

tomcat, Any news on the team changes?

Well thats a surprise. A good win against some tough opposition. Any info ?

No. Just got the score straight from the nswrl site.

Did Cayless play for Wests or Balmain this weekend?

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