Lets Be Realistic

I know lots of you will disagree with me but I thought we did fairly well this year considering

We won 8 games this year but we have been competitive in nearly every game this year. We have lacked the ability to close out games and there have been lots of games that we really should have won i.e. Raiders, both knights, titans, cowboys and warriors. With more experience and some luck I really think we could be competitive next year. There has also been lots of adjusting this year in our squad

Nofo: missed a fair part of the season, he was strong in almost every game on the wing and his damaging runs out of dummy half really helped us out

Simona: like nofoluma missed part of the season but was fairly good and I think if he has a good off season he could take his game to the next level

Naiqama: his first full season, will improve

Brooks and Moses: made some progress, didn’t really control the team very well but is have no doubt they will get better and miss less tackles

Sirro: was injured much of the year was strong In a few of his games, upgrade on lovett

Lawrence : transitioned from centre and was solid but more time in the second row will help him get a better

The coach has not been very smart with the media and Lovett vs panthers but he doesn’t drop the ball and cause penalties. we have had a young team and lacklustre bench all season all year and when you think about it we have done well this season to be competitive

Influx of new posters with a lot of pointless stuff to say


Influx of new posters with a lot of pointless stuff to say

Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t be elitist.

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There were some highlights Kavi as you have pointed out.

Last year however we won more games with a team that had a terrible injury toll. This year on many occasions the Tigers were able to play their ‘best’ possible team and struggled to show any form or consistency in what they did.

Some great wins over the Bulldogs, Rabbits, Storm and Raiders. But we should have finished off the Bulldogs and Raiders the other times we played them. We should have got the Titans at Leichhardt and won last weeks game against Dragons. That could have given us 28 points. Not to be though and that saw us struggle at the bottom of the ladder for most of the year.

I didn’t expect us to be in the semis this year, but I didn’t think we would finish 15th either.

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