Congrats to sirro, teddy, nofoluma, Moses and woodsy for making the train on squad.

5 of our guys are in the best players of the bottom 8 sides…Does that make us the most represented?

Canberra have 6 and Gold Coast have 5 also

Congratulations to the players selected but they’ve named a whopping squad so far which will take a lot of trimming down. I reckon Teddy and Woodsy are our best hopes of remaining in the squad.

I hope that all the players selected make the most of their opportunities, Rugby League is a religion in the PNG area and some of the Hunters crowds make the NRL supporters look ordinary.

Farah snubbed ?

Other origin players ( Woods , Hopoate ) were picked

& it’s not all about looking to the future because Nathan Friend was picked .

On the flip side Cherrington picked in the NZ train on squad & now appears to be the Kiwis #2 hooker behind Luke .

Much like what New Zealand have done it’s good to see Australia blooding younger kids for the future and ushering in a new generation. The current Kangaroos squad is past it’s prime and this is much needed for the future.

Definitely looking to the future. The current squad is getting on now…

Add Malcom Turnbull to the squad now!!!

That’s an average team….
Congrats to Nofa though.

Is this Malcom Turnbull’s team ?

or Tony Abbott’s ?

If it is the latter, I can see why he was removed as leader. That is a shocking team.

I was going to make exactly the same joke!

picked Jack Wighton over Teddy? really?

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