Apisai Koroisau

Deepest condolences go out to Apisai, whose partner Cordelia, passed away this week. 😦
Came home after Mad Monday celebrations to find that she passed away. 😢
So tragic. I hope Apisai and the families, receive the utmost support they will need to get through this terribly hard time, in their lives.

Yeah TM, my heart also goes out to all those dealing with the demons within, or amongst those around them.

Very tragic stuff.

A old friend committed suicide earlier in the year, his poor girlfriend was the one who came home and found him after he’d shot himself. She put up a video on Facebook on RUOK day that got traction with most media outlets. Absolutely moving video about suicide and what it does to those around you. A must watch for anyone who has “those thoughts.”




RIP Cordelia,may the Lord watch over Apisai and both families during this sad time of their lives…

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