R.I.P. Mike Gibson

Very sad news, like Chippy Frilingos, he was very much a part of this sports fanatic growing up…R.I.P. ol turkey neck, that wobbly throat, distinctive voice and classic comb over will be missed

LEGENDARY sports commentator and journalist Mike Gibson has passed away aged 75.

“Gibbo” as he was affectionately known passed away this morning. He lived on the NSW Central Coast.

A multi-award winning journalist, Gibson hosted the popular Back Page programme from 1997 to 2012 alongside comedian Billy Birmingham who famously impersonated “Gibbo” in one of his early recordings “The Wired World of Sports.”

In his 16 years as host he recorded 720 episodes and missed only one.

Alongside former Australian cricket captain Ian Chappell, Gibson was the inaugural host of Saturday afternoon programme Wide World of Sports which propelled him to national fame following its launch in 1981.

Gibson was a well known figure on Sydney’s lower north shore.

His hangouts included the skiff club at Kirribilli, the Oaks at Neutral Bay and the Mosman Rowers.

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He loved horse racing and was a regular at the track.

At the Daily Telegraph he was a mentor to numerous journalists - from sport and news.

His love of sport was both endearing and engaging and he was a popular columnist and TV figure renown for his plain speaking.


Great sports broadcaster/commentator and a genuinely funny bloke. A great Australian and will be missed. RIP Mike Gibson.

Grew up on Gibbo. Sad news indeed.

Loved him on " the back page " with Billy Birmingham … RIP Gibbo .

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Great journo with a very good sense of humour, sadly missed.

Very few sports journos as good as this guy left. A tremendous loss. Condolences to Gibbo’s family and friends

Billy is gonna be beside himself. RIP old boy. Was a fan.

I really liked Mike Gibson. ONe of my favourites.

As a sports fanatic, you feel like you know these guys, and a number are starting to pass away.

I used to love Wide World of Sports, surprised it is not a format that is successful in the current era?

RIP Gibbo

RIP Mike To a sports lover like myself , you used to help make weekends exciting

Condolences to his family and friends

Big fan. Grew up reading his sports columns and watching wide world of sport.
A very knowledgeable and passionate sports guru. RIP Gibbo.
Condolences to family and friends. He and Break even Bill will have plenty to talk about.

I first heard Gibbo on 2SM when it was the top rating radio station in Sydney, he was co-host of the 9 til noon show with George Moore.
Saddly missed by all sports lovers.

RIP Mike Gibson, great memories and enjoy your next journey……

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I don’t think there is anyone in Australia who didn’t like Mike Gibson. Unlike many of the journos today, he was a genuinely good bloke. He will be sorely missed. RIP Gibbo

R.I.P. Mike…the Wide World of Sports died a little…Condolences to the family…

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