C'mon Cows!!

Hope the Cowboys get up for the win tonight….a Broncos v Storm GF next week will have all the appeal of getting your cods fed into a Nutri- Bullet. Go you Cows!

MMMMMmmmm nutri-bullet cods

Woeful effort by the Storm forwards.
Sick of all the talk of Bromwich being the games best front rower - an insult to guys like Woods and Scott.

and THAT gentlemen is why we let go of Koroibete.

You could park a B-Double in the space between his ears.

Its amazing people still moan about Koro. Just shows that people only pay attention when we have the ball and not when we are defending. Never seen a more clueless player at reading defense.

So happy Cowboys won. How lovely was it, when JT went and gave his head gear to the young Storm supporter. 😛 The look of surprise and joy on the boys and his mums face was priceless.
That moment, along with JT receiving MOM, was the highlight of the game for me! 😛

JT was brilliant with the kids at the airport this morning, never a hassle to chat, take pics etc. Green was the photographer for most of the morning, it was great to see. Should also point out all the players looked fresh this morning and when chatting to the boys they are clearly already focused on their next game. (Not one mention of the words grand final when they were talking also, just the next game).

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JT deserves to win a G/F….

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^ yes he does as does the whole club

I can’t speak for every NRL club , but from what I have seen they are so in touch with their community and are so accessible to their community

I reckon it will go down to the wire , can’t see more than 6 points separating the sides

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