New look Wests Tigers website

Hmmmm… Just went on the Tigers website…
They’ve done some refernishing… Do you like it …
Or should they go back to there old one…

Pretty sure it is a NRL template upgrade.

It does the job

Haa\…I can log into my dreamteam from there…top stuff…

Well done…telstra…

All this done by a Co in Surry Hills called C4

They do NRL AFL and V8 Supercars

hmmm the old one was easier to read
it looks like a simple re-design of the template, that’s all

Better… atleast it loads a LITTLE faster…

All the NRL sites are terrible

i think it looks good, photos and lead stories changing all the time is better. Also you can see the full photo on this one.

I like it!

I don’t really care who did the design or changed it, the website has gone downhill since WTV went to bigpond tv, etc.

Just had a look - my first visit back there in a year - and it is still far too busy for me, gives me a headache looking at the front page. Much prefer here.

I like the Members Count at the top. Very good idea.

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