Joel Reddy

Get ready…. Looks like he may be back

Can he play front row otherwise waste of space


Get ready…. Looks like he may be back

Get Reddy?

It’s a resounding “no” from this little black duck…

And people accuse The Simpsons of rehashing old plot lines…

what makes you so sure he is coming back

On FB…must be true…Moley’s Monday scoops…

At 30 years old he wouldnt be any better than when he left, if he replaces Richards then im done.

If we sign him we have gone from great(Richards) to terrible(Joel)

I was going to say “they’re kidding” , but on second thought, it’s probably just what we should expect
We can’t be too badly off for money if we can waste it on him.

The Mole also said that the Walker Bros are on standby to coach in the NRL if a struggling team does not perform sooner rather than later.

Wonder who that could be the Warriors perhaps ? The Tigers perhaps - nah couldn’t be us as Taylor has the full support of the board.

All the other struggling teams have new coaches so will be interesting to see if there is any truth to this one too.

At least with all these centre/wingers signings we finally have depth in that position. Hopefully gone are the days where one of the starting centres is injured and Nathan milone/Kyle Lovett are your next best options 😕

Didnt we just sack his Dad for being a big mouth peanut?

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