Your top 17, Season 2016

Just wondering what sort of team we may field next year…hard to keep up with all the new recruits

1. Tedesco

1. Tedesco
2. Noefuluma
3. Chee Kum
4. Simona
5. Naiqama
6. Moses
7. Brookes
8. Sue
9. Farah
10. Woods
11. Sironen
12. Lawrence
13. Halatau

14. Seumanufagai
15. Cherrington
16. Lovett
17. Buchanan

Which ever player makes the team, i hope he’s picked on form, week in - week out.

I hope you’re not suggesting players are dropped to Reggie’s after one off day with “week in week out”
That wouldn’t augur well for combinations and fluency
People need to realise unforced changes are something every coach would wish for most at the start of each year

Hard to pick a top 17 especially at this stage……heaps of new guys and potentially 3 hookers. I’m assuming he is going to rotate 2 of em which means a 3 forward bench.



1. Tedesco
2. Noefuluma
3. Chee Kam or Marion Seve
4. Simona
5. Naiqama
6. Moses
7. Brookes
8. Sue
9. Farah
10. Woods
11. Edwards
12. Lawrence
13. Sironen

14. Seumanufagai
15. Ballin
16. Griffin
17. Halatau

1. James Tedesco
2. David Nofoaluma
3. Tim Simona
4. Jordan Rankin
5. Kevin Naiqama

6. Mitchell Moses
7. Luke Brooks

8. Aaron Woods
9. Robbie Farah
10. Ava Seamunafangai
11. Chris Lawrence
12. Jesse Sue
13. Curtis Sironen

14. Dene Halatau/Michael Chee Kam
15. Manaia Cherrington
16. Billy Mchonachie
17. Rod Griffin

One things for certain is that there will be plenty of competition for first grade places in 2016. New players to the club along with WT young up and comers will be placing pressure on players who last year took their position in firsts for granted. This is a very healthy position for the club to be in. There will no such thing as having to play a second rower like Lovett at centre as happened over the past couple of years.

Light on for props yet again

1. Tedesco
2. Nofoaluma
3. Simona
4. Rankin
5. Hunt

6. Moses
7. Brooks

8. Suemanufagai
9. Ballin
10. Woods
11. Sue
12. Lawrence ©
13. Edwards

14. Cherrington
15. McConnachie
16. Griffin
17. Cassel

Backs looks all set… Forwards and the bench where the interest… And competition… will be

Yeah……JT could do anything with the forwards!!

Peeps are naming teams with no mention of Buchanan,Lovett,Halatau,Cheekam,Rugby guy and the Ipswich boys who one would think are all a chance.


No Farah or Siro??

Title thread says Your Top 17…not who you think will be picked…if it said who will Taylor pick in the top 17 my team may be different…

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