Parras 2010 members

How many of their new 2010 members do you think have just thrown away their cards & won;t be turning up to a game this season.
They were terrible.

One of the worst performances I have ever seen. That second half was a joke.

expectation is a hard thing to live up to.
wests-tigers fans totally understand this.
success one season does not mean its going to easlily flow through to the next.

Without second phase play Parramatta have nothing. They built that whole run last year off an amazing amount off offloads, and brilliant individual performances by Hayne.

Mortimer is overrated, Robson and Keating are just terrible. So pedestrian and lacklusture.

They have no real game plan and need to show plenty of enthusiasim to perform at their best. With the attitude their showing now, they won’t win many games.

I could laugh at Parra at the moment… but then I remember where they were at this time last year (or more importantly where they were in June last year) and then where they were in September…

Form in March may be good for a few competition points but that’s about all…

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