2016: Player you're most excited to watch

Was going to ask what new recruit but in general,
Who are you most looking forward to seeing play once the season starts?

For me, personally…
It’s got to be Jesse Parahi !!

Remember that other union player we had years ago, Grant or something?
Didn’t even play one game.
Signings like that do not excite me however young Jesse looks the goods!

Other than that, hopefully our gunz like Simona and Tedesco have an injury free year.

Pulls his finger out and performs.

Parahi will certainly be one to watch, but I’m keen to see how Chee Kam goes. More likely than Parahi to actually play first grade and looked OK in his first grade appearances for Manly towards the end of this season.

Out of the newcomers probably Parahi and the Ipswich boys. Addo-Carr could be a smokey too.
I’ev also got a good feeling about Joel Edwards.

Also keen to see Cherrington improve. If I had to pick a player I’m ‘most’ excited about it would be him. But definitely looking to seeing the others too.

Teddy - Will win the Dally M Medal

Simona - Sooner or later he will have a good year at Centre

Ballin - will service our halves well

Lawrence - will be back in the Representative Scene!

How is Parahi any different to John Grant? If anything Grant had far more runs on the board being a regular playing 80 mins in the Sydney grade. Parahi has only been playing the short form of the game. Much bigger transition for him, but i get he has enthusiasm and some good technique.

Addo-Carr looks at the front of the queue to take Richards spot at present. He’d be a very exciting player and easily the fastest in our squad. Interesting to see how he bulks up and handles tackling the bigger and smarter players but he’d me the one i’d be looking at closely in the 9s. He has an open spot to aim for too.

Seve, Heleta have to get past Naiqama as a centre - which is quite possible but perhaps unlikley come round 1.

For me it is Luke Brooks. He has had 2 years of first grade and i don’t expect him to be anywhere near as dominating as Thurston but it is his time to step up. His kicking game must improve and hopefully with a bodyguard like Joel Edwards or Billy McConnachie he won’t be run over as much.

I’ve really had enough of this off season with our tigers being bagged by everyone. Bring on round 1 and win or lose lets get behind the team whoever is playing for us and the boys will put in a big effort i’m sure.

I’m excited to see how all the new recruits go but mainly Chee Kam McConnachie and addo Carr. I’ve been really happy with the depth signings we have made for next year. Something we really haven’t had a lot of in recent seasons.

Watson Heleta - his solid build combined with acceptable pace makes him a good foil in the centre partnering Simona.

For the season
Wish I could say Dylan Walker, but Joel Edwards for me, then Sue’s move to the front row (if thats the case).

In the trials and maybe 9’s - Rankin.


He is due to mature.

From new players
Addo Carr, McConnachie and Griffin

from our U20/NSW
Graham, Falise, Cassel

Tedesco, Woods, SImona, Seumanufagai

I want to see a winger come in and replace Richards with some speed. I reckon our back line at full strength bar Richards was pretty decent last year. Based on the comments on here I’m hopeful Addo Carr can fill that role.

I think we are also short a prop or two now that we’ve lost Galloway and Taupau so I want to see someone step up here. I think our forwards are a real concern now. I thought our pack looked good the last couple of years even if they underperformed. Hopefully they look ordinary but kill it.

Edwards and Carr by a mile.

I wanna see some smashing hits by the former and some extreme pace from the latter!

@Cultured Bogan:


He is due to mature.


As well as Sue and Seumaufagai filling the breach left by the departures of Galloway and Taupau…

New Boys…Edwards McConnachie and Rankin

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